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  1. Happy Birthday!! 



  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Rayden!!!!!! I hope you have a great day killing stuff in whatever game you're playing!

  4. What is this??? A birthday for Mr. PvP himself?? I sure hope you are doing something fuun!

    I know I've used this one before but it makes me laugh every time so:


  5. Finished Vanguard Tactics Guide for KotFe. Writing guide on how to be a successful procrastinator tomorrow.

    1. Sayuri


      HEYYYY! I started a guide just like that last year! Still haven't finished it....


    2. Vladro


      Hey you too? I've been working on that guide my whole life

  6. I might have to look into this if you all aren't bored of it when I get back
  7. First wz on EH after not playing for 2 months, gets immortal. something something PvE server.

  8. Awaiting new power supply... Found my high school programming final on old comp though ;o BEHIND ITS GLORY...and simplicity. (unfortunately I'd be lucky if I even got pong to run on this so no mmo or steam games atm)


  9. Seems about time we did another civ game. Anyone up for it tonight?