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  1. So I am moving some characters out of the guild to join some NiM raiding guilds. I really like this guild and its members but I want more. I already moved my sage to Tragic Hero's. I am moving my shadow to Aeterna Vigilantia. I don't have a problem filling in for raids till you find a guild member to replace me. I will keep characters in the guild if allowed but I think it might not be. Sayrui, Katalaw, Jed, Hippie you have all been awesome. Please no hard feelings I have nothing against this awesome guild and if possible would love to keep some toons in it. I just play the game a lot more then most the people I raid with and my chances of getting into raids not being in those guilds is low. Thanks everyone. I am just moving 2 characters and I do understand if that is a problem for me to stay in this guild.

    1. Neo


      Completely understandable path to take. Just I think, due to the current CoC multiguilding policy, if you're guilding with another guild on more than 1 toon then you're gonna have to remove every character from RoH otherwise you'll be falling into a breach of the CoC. 


      Of course, you can stay a RoH member just without any toon's guilded with RoH. Better to stay rather than leave the guild entirely in case you want to return at any point.

    2. Vorn


      Take me along for NiM runs 😛


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    I am coming!!!! I might be slow but I will be there
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    I will be there
  4. /sign “You can never know everything, and part of what you know is always wrong. Perhaps even the most important part. A portion of wisdom lies in knowing that. A portion of courage lies in going on anyways.” -Lan Mandragoran
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    brnji said he will dps and to post this for him
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    I'm healing? Sweet! My healer is in 252s and 248s
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    I should be able to make it.
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    Sayrui declined so I can heal or DPS if needed.
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    sorry I'm sick. I went to bed.