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  1. Happy belated birthday Hatter!  

  2. Just wondering everyone's thoughts on Delirium League. Personally I'm loving it!
  3. Dethvox

    PVP - Pub Side Unranked

    Pub Side Unranked PVP Hosted every Saturday from end of SMOPS, approx 8pm-11pm est. Event will start promptly after SMOPS ends (show up early). Welcome to any lvl 75 character, republic side!
  4. Dethvox

    PVP - Team Ranked

    Team Ranked PVP Hosted every Friday from 8pm-12pm est. Come join others who are kickballing some ranked. Learn from the best, @Cehla, and try to advance your ranked score, or just have fun! Lvl 75 characters only, either imp or pub.
  5. Dethvox

    PVP - Lowbie - Bread Winners

    Bread Winners Lowbie PVP Hosted every Wednesday, 7pm-9ish pm est. Event side will be determined based on who is going to attend. Characters of any level below 75 are welcome, and groups will be made as well as can be per level bracket.
  6. Have a very happy birthday!! 🎉

    1. Dethvox


      Thanks!  Sure did!

  7. Dethvox

    |SWTOR| Story Mode Ops


    If i'm around I'd love to tank on Dethvex when there is a need