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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a great day :) 


    White Cat Hello GIF

  2. Self explanatory title! Yay! This is my first gaming system beyond my computer since this bad boy: I have Animal Crossing. I have sold that portion of my soul. What other games do you guys recommend? I never was big into Pokemon.
  3. Storm (they/them)

    Hide and Seek

    Meet in Ironforge!
  4. Storm (they/them)

    Lawn Darts

    Come for some any-level fun!
  5. Storm (they/them)

    Transmog Contest

    Round 1: Stereotype Round 2: Freestyle (if needed)
  6. Storm (they/them)

    Transmog run

    raids tbd
  7. This event does take place within a current content raid (level 120). We end promptly at 7:30 pm so the progression team can go on their murder spree.
  8. Storm (they/them)

    Transmog run

    Raids TBD
  9. Storm (they/them)

    Level 1 pet battles!

    1v1 pet battling bracket!
  10. Storm (they/them)

    Trial of Style

    Gather with your friends and show off your gear!
  11. Storm (they/them)

    Tour of Places!

    Gather with your friends to see some of our favorite places to hang out!
  12. Storm (they/them)

    BFF Necklace Farm

    This is happening right after the Race.
  13. Storm (they/them)

    Trial of Style

    Gather with your friends and show off your gear!
  14. Storm (they/them)

    Tonk Madness

    Use a controllable toy in a grand melee, last person standing wins!
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