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  1. Self explanatory title! Yay! This is my first gaming system beyond my computer since this bad boy: I have Animal Crossing. I have sold that portion of my soul. What other games do you guys recommend? I never was big into Pokemon.
  2. Stormtree

    Hide and Seek

    Meet in Ironforge!
  3. Stormtree

    Lawn Darts

    Come for some any-level fun!
  4. Stormtree

    Transmog Contest

    Round 1: Stereotype Round 2: Freestyle (if needed)
  5. Stormtree

    Transmog run

    raids tbd
  6. Stormtree

    Carp ball @ Wraithion's Face

    This event does take place within a current content raid (level 120). We end promptly at 7:30 pm so the progression team can go on their murder spree.
  7. Stormtree

    Transmog run

    Raids TBD
  8. Stormtree

    Level 1 pet battles!

    1v1 pet battling bracket!
  9. Stormtree

    Trial of Style

    Gather with your friends and show off your gear!
  10. Stormtree

    Tour of Places!

    Gather with your friends to see some of our favorite places to hang out!
  11. Stormtree

    BFF Necklace Farm

    This is happening right after the Race.
  12. Stormtree

    Trial of Style

    Gather with your friends and show off your gear!
  13. Stormtree

    Tonk Madness

    Use a controllable toy in a grand melee, last person standing wins!
  14. Oh right, it would make sense to post my name there! Stormtree9
  15. I just signed up. I was getting a lot of 404 errors. But let's see if I can send through some friend invitations there. I've never participated in NaNoWriMo as it just didn't seem like something "for me". I have small goals this years.
  16. I use (a google doc/drive addon) for flow charts and other graphic maps. Some examples: I'm just scratching the surface with the addon though.