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  1. Overwhelming is the name of the game with Pathfinder! That's because 3rd and 3.5th editions of DnD were very popular, and "open source" legally- they allowed anyone to make homebrew content, put "credit to wizards of the coast DnD" on the first page, and sell it or distribute at will! When DnD moved on to 4e and up, a lot of people out there with extensive libraries of content were pretty mad/sad/ gamer smad to see it go. Pathfinder is the result of that feeling, a setting and even more crunchy detail-oriented spinoff of DnD 3.5e. It's fully compatible with that rulebook, actually. It probably seems very crunchy and particular compared to TAZ Balance, since they were doing a rules-light version of 5e, which is already focused on simplification and rp. If you ever needed to get into a DnD 3.5 game, you already know the rules from Pathfinder! And if you ever need to learn 5e, it will be so much easier. You've basically started on an elementalist as your first class, if that makes sense.
  2. Hi! I'm new and excited to be here. I was always interested in DnD, but didn't find a group to play with until I'd managed to corrupt my entire friend group with Critical Role and The Adventure Zone. I can see that some people here have mentioned a desire to get into an online game together- I'm playing/DMing in a few, so if anyone wants tips on companion programs or apps that make things easier, just let me know! Unfortunately I can't run a game for y'all right now.... I'm already running multiple games and it has devoured my time. Hot Tip, but Roll20's voice and video chats are extremely unreliable, so its best purpose is as a way to share real-time map information during combat or extended travel. It has a built-in dice roller too, but nothing beats rolling physical dice, even if you have to use the honor system for it. It also has a- sort of quasi- music player in it, which allows the DM to put on a soundtrack that plays independently of the VC. While sharing music other ways is much easier, this is an efficient way to synchronize that keeps the number of apps you've got open down. Discord, Teamspeak, or Skype are best for the actual gameplay. I prefer Discord because it makes private side conversations really easy through DMs, and sharing images (like spell descriptions pulled from a wiki somewhere) fast, but that utility can also be found in group texts. D&D Beyond is great for sharing and tracking character sheet information, but requires a GREAT DEAL (several hundred dollars) of cash to unlock all the expansion races and subclasses. Unfortunately they don't really have a system in place for unlocking information online that you've owned in a hardcover for two years. But! If a single person in your campaign owns content online, they can set that content to "share" with the campaign, and it becomes available to all other characters and the DM. You can also look up anything from any official 5e book there, regardless of what you have unlocked for sheet integration. This makes it the most reliably "canon" wiki, though their tagging system leaves a few things to be desired. I primarily work in 5e (because my groups are fairly RP-focused and bad at math), but please know that if you prefer the more-math-more-details feel of 3.5, there are a LOT of resources fans have made over the years for 3.5, and many of the pathfinder tools are also fairly compatible with that version. Kid-friendly versions of 3.5 and 5e also exist! Check out the Dungeon Master's Guild sometime. It's a great website where DMs can share their homebrewed content for free or for money as they desire, and it's a great system for playtesting feedback. Wizards of the Coast works with that website, too, so they're chill with DMs getting a dollar or two there. People generally put up stuff for "pay what you can" or a few bucks, because it's a very "everyone should be able to play" kind of community. DnD Beyond is working on integrating the more popular homebrew content that they come in contact with, but I'm not sure how the money flows from that angle. Another interesting place to visit- check out the Order of the Stick forums. It's a webcomic about D&D that's been going for years, and the most active community forum I've found that dissects min-max builds and debates multiclassing strategies. Reddit does a lot of that, too, but it's way easier to find things in a forum with a search function. Also, the OotS community is a smidge less likely to be rude. That was a lot of information that nobody asked for. Can you tell I'm DMing a lot. Hope it helped someone, and hello again!
  3. Just joined and I know no one's posted in here since January but if y'all got a 10-person farm to work I would LOVE to see it, that sounds immensely profitable
  4. Have a great Birthday!!

  5. My header is CURRENTLY a meme and I do tend to meme but it WILL be replaced with some kind of tasteful pretty screenshot slice... When I remember to do that. Tally ho folks it's good to be here in this forum tonight

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      Okay okay I said "pretty" and "tasteful" but if a moose slowly paddling out into the final frontier of space backlit by lens flare isn't both of those things, what are we doing with our lives?