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  1. Happy Birthday @Vordicai - hope you are well!

  2. Happy Birthday friend!  Hope you are well.

  3. Mythic BFD - This event is to try to get the Glacial Tidestorm mount from Jaina. Please check discord or the forums to watch the video's on the fight, 7 pm Server / 8 pm Est
  4. Normal Ny'alotha - Achievement Run for Glory Of the Ny'alotha Raider. We will attempt to complete as many of the achievements as we can. Be ready to go at 7 Pm server / 8 pm Est
  5. Leveling with Friends - This event will be a chance to get together with some guildies and have a fun evening of shenanigans. We can run low lvl dungeons or some low lvl BG's. Dust off your alts lets have some fun. &pm Server / 8 Pm est.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. 6c454afddfd3b5b473c3d477dc675a48.gif


    Hope it's a great one my friend! 

  8. I hope you have a happy birthday 🎉


    minions singing GIF

  9. Happy birthday Vord!! I know it sucks being quarantined for your birthday but I hope you still manage to have an amazing day! You desreve it ❤️ spacer.png

  10. Happy Birthday :) hope you have a great day

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