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  1. I agree a lot with what you said. The game has a huge amount of potential. The deciding factor will be how they handle the "Endgame". If they offer enough to keep the PvE crowd happy all while having working and fun territory / siege PvP wars, i believe it will be amazing. I think the crafting and player driven economy will be a great strength. I'm very interested in seeing what they finish up with as far as the endgame PvE & PvP goes.
  2. Vordicai

    Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor

    Mythic BFD - This event is to try to get the Glacial Tidestorm mount from Jaina. Please check discord or the forums to watch the video's on the fight, 7 pm Server / 8 pm Est
  3. Vordicai

    Normal Ny'alotha Achievement

    Normal Ny'alotha - Achievement Run for Glory Of the Ny'alotha Raider. We will attempt to complete as many of the achievements as we can. Be ready to go at 7 Pm server / 8 pm Est
  4. Vordicai

    WoW - Leveling with Friends

    Leveling with Friends - This event will be a chance to get together with some guildies and have a fun evening of shenanigans. We can run low lvl dungeons or some low lvl BG's. Dust off your alts lets have some fun. &pm Server / 8 Pm est.
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  8. Happy birthday Vord!! I know it sucks being quarantined for your birthday but I hope you still manage to have an amazing day! You desreve it ❤️ spacer.png

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