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  1. This is just a friendly note that my job has be closing tomorrow as well as i will be out of town next Thursday.
  2. OK, well looks like last week everyone missed something for one reason or another. We will be having a game tonight. Since everyone is on Discord now it seams i guess we will switch to there. And if you want to listen in or join you can @CheekyMonkey66, @lightroseknight or @javaapp
  3. Congratulations and welcome to parenthood. Take all the time you need your spot is secure so enjoy some quality time with your baby boy.
  4. June is PRIDE month and than means something different to everyone.  Pride by definition is a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.  It is also confidence and self-respect as expressed by members of a group, typically one that has been socially marginalized, on the basis of their shared identity, culture, and experience.  These definitions have meaning and being proud of who you are is important.  It can build self confidence, make you feel happier about your day and allow you to be hopeful for your future.


    When I came to Remnants of Hope I was looking for a group that was accepting and diverse.  I was looking for a group where I could fit in without having to resort to keeping quiet on topics I am passionate about.  I found it here with Remnants of Hope and with those who accept me for who I am.  


    I celebrate PRIDE this month with the ideals that Remnants of Hope is a diverse and accepting community.  I am proud to be a part of this community and share in its whimsical and wistful times.  Knowing that this community places camaraderie above the games and quests lets me know that this is a community that can shine for another decade.


    I stay because I feel like here I am not just another number, not just a person to fill a void.  I am among others who like myself are have hopes and dreams, troubles and stresses but all who come together to be part of a community and share in the fun and joy that is infectious around here.  I stay because I love this community.





    1. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      I'm glad you're here! :smile:

    2. Michael Ex

      Michael Ex

      Glad your here as well ! 



  5. until

    sorry i need to bow out unfortunately. Sorry
  6. until

    Ranged DPS
  7. until

    DPS Ranged
  8. Prepare yourselves You never know what waits for you outside Tonight's game is going to start around 6:30 pm EST and run till 9:00 pm EST. We will be using Team Speak and Roll 20. Additional guests may join and watch but I will not add any new players to today's game.
  9. We did not have a game last week due to an unrelated emergency. so we will be picking up where we left off tomorrow.
  10. Sorry for the short notice, but I will not be starting the game tomorrow at 6:30 like I usually do. I will be able to have the game starting later like 7:30 ish. This is due to the fact that my daughter is in town and I have not seen her in 7 months. Again sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Kitty Chelle

    SWTOR Pics

  12. Get ready Thursday May 2, 2019 @ 6:30 PM Check your armor, Strap on your weapons and get your healing potions ready. Also remember to level up your character. Here we come again another installment of online Dungeons and Dragons.
  13. Tonight is game night Hope your ready for a bit of adventure We will be using Teamspeak for out voice platform and Roll20 for our tactical map if needed. Here is the Roll 20 link If you have any questions please feel free to let me know I will be on TS the rest of the day.

Congratulations to Princess &, Chelly, Lakeborne & -Glamazon- on being chosen Members of the Month for July for their primary divisions!

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