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  1. Aishya



    Will do. I mailed over everything (healing, dps, and tanking sets) to be ready with whatever situation is needed just in case.
  2. Aishya



    @Katalaw, does that mean you'll need me to bring the scoundrel to heal? I'm not sure if that is your plan or if you were going to have another swap to healing? I'm just checking is all.
  3. Aishya



    @Katalaw, any idea if I'm needed for tonight yet?
  4. Aishya



    So is that as DPS then? Or am I tanking it again? Can also heal too. Edit: I hit wrong button and can't change it. I could help.
  5. I'll help ya @Jed. DPS or Tank, both are geared.
  6. until

    So I take that as I'm not needed for tonight then?
  7. until

    Ready to fill any role that is needed.
  8. until

    I'm standing by the wings as you ordered @Katalaw!
  9. until

    I'll start with choosing Tank, with option to DPS when only 1 tank is needed. I can help with any role now if you are short on one, as I now have a capable healer too..
  10. until

    You are correct @Slyfoxmartin. Maybe if we are able to get the republic side done with enough time to spare, we could switch to the imperial side if others still need it there. I'll again be there to help with any tougher jumps.
  11. Aishya



  12. until

    I have them all, but I will certainly be there ready to make the tougher jumps and pull people up to the target!
  13. until

    Available as backup if needed.
  14. until

    That's fine. Although I think we'd only be down one with me filling in for Vorn, that'd just leave one with our Empress away I think. Because technically I'm still listed on the backup spot in case someone is missing. Either way, I'd love to get the veteran Queen down sometime, and still need 2 of those for my weapon! And then I'd also need it 2 more times on both my scoundrel and powertech!
  15. until

    If a DPS is unable to make it, I can be a backup if needed.