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  1. until

    Already on it @Katalaw!
  2. until

    Empress @Sayuri. Currently I am available to help DPS again.
  3. until

    Ah okay. So then it is okay for us to say it then towards you as the Empress?
  4. until

    While we duel in the courtyard, are you going to say "Are you not entertained."
  5. until

    Actually there is a chance I "may" be able to make it and be online ~21:30 for the Sunday follow-up this weekend. So If I am online then that is a yes, but otherwise don't wait for me that day. Saturday is still of course perfectly fine and no issues.
  6. until

    I can help DPS with the powertech for Saturday. Edit: This Sunday however I wouldn't be available until about ~22:30 however. Only for this Sunday though, currently other Sundays are fine.
  7. Any other time you want to get a small group together for these I'll help! This Saturday though on 7/13 I won't be available until just before Hatter's ops though, so unable to do any before. Nathema really isn't that bad to do on master, but I have heard Umbara and Copero are extremely painful. With that said, I would love to attempt those two places, as I haven't had anyone else that wanted to do them too before, so I haven't actually gotten a chance to try those yet on master. Any other time if it is republic, I have all roles geared and ready to help. If I end up healing for a Copero run sometime, I even have a scoundrel that can skip the trash up to the first boss too! If on imperial side though, I just have my DPS currently.
  8. until

    Actually I just remembered. THIS Sunday I can't make it until later Sunday night. Normally other Sundays are fine currently, just not this one.
  9. until

    Congrats on making it past the Operator! I would be glad to help continue clearing the place with you as well as a DPS. Depending on when/if you all decide to finish it. I can't be there until probably ~22:30 Friday, and Saturday I was helping Hatter's group shortly after getting home ~19:30. So unless it is after that on Saturday, Sunday would be the better option for me to be able to help you all in there. I am available tonight as well, but I know some can't make it then.
  10. until

    If needed, can help as a backup DPS as well.
  11. until

    I'll send the powertech out to burn and collect some machine parts for the ship. DPS
  12. until

    Shall I go fetch you a towel for your feet now? Also thanks Empress @Sayuri for informing me about the "Join" feature. I completely missed it, but I can now post on these events instead of sending PMs all the time!
  13. Great running with you on Tuesday night!

  14. until

    I'm available as well for a backup. Any role.
  15. Aishya

    |SWTOR| Story Mode Ops


    I would be glad to help everyone with this as well. Alicia - Vanguard - Prefer DPS but also has a fully geared tank set as well when needed to help. Vespa - Scoundrel - Healer

Congratulations to Princess &, Chelly, Lakeborne & -Glamazon- on being chosen Members of the Month for July for their primary divisions!

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