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  1. until
    ***This event is being moved 1 week too 1/30/2022 due unforeseen circumstances sorry for an inconvenience.*** Each week will start a zone and work through it over a period of weeks to complete group accessible content including storyline where possible. Also during the event if not out of the way we will collect striking locales and points of interest as well as other locations and world bosses and dolmens. The goal is to make completing the story of each zone as well as eventually clearing the zone more feasible. This week from 12:30pm-2:30pm est we will be running craglorn and will work on it till content is complete within reason. The reason for the odd time this week is a special event at 3pm est that correlates with the eso seasonal event that has started, after the event ends this weekly event will move to 1pm ending at
  2. emilybadger (she/her)

    Cyrodiil Siege


    sounds fun
  3. no offense but a more proper name for that grade of sapphire might be blue streaked sapphire or clouded blue sapphire as the nature of the stone is that is a briolette style cut highly included stone. It is still very pretty and works well with the set, however mystic makes me think of mystic topaz or mystic quartz which are both titanium vapor deposition created stones, they are beautiful to however not in the same class as sapphire as they include man made elements. Which is okay just different. Thankyou for sharing though and please continue to it is appreciated.
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