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  1. Slyfoxmartin

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    HEAL MEH!!!
  2. until

    Just me, vorn and merls! We got this! (Heals)
  3. until

    Thought i signed up, oopps. Heals
  4. Slyfoxmartin

    VMOPs Double Feature


    I can heal or backup
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  7. Slyfoxmartin

    Dread Fortress 7-9pm VM PROG

    Please let me know if we are doing this @Jed Yeah the button at the top says "went" for me but I'm able to go. I think hatter is gonna be out as well. Also @Vorn and all, I'm good with either side, i don't mind.
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    Oh thought I signed up, oops. Put me as backup
  9. Slyfoxmartin

    Imp Side Data Cron Hunt 4-6 pm est

    I need 2 on Dromund Kaas, both on Hutta and 1 on Korriban
  10. Slyfoxmartin

    SMOPs Explosive Conflict


    I'm up for the 16man, haven't done it yet. Or backup for 8man. heals or dps
  11. until

    I would love to tank it, would be a noob at that, never tanked Rav. I can also heal or dps. (Let people who haven't done it go first but if needed, I'm here)
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    dps, heals...sign me up
  13. Slyfoxmartin

    SMOPs Scum and Villainy


    backup or for 16m, heals
  14. Slyfoxmartin

    VMOPs Storymode Dxun


  15. until

    I can go. Heals or dps. I can tank if you really want me to
  16. until

    Heals with Merls!
  17. until

    Fortress???? Fortress???? You doing the puzzle??? Can I be center left? I know that way Heals
  18. until

    time to get to phase 2 of master/blaster!
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  21. until

    Operation Dunderhead lol Love it! Let me know if there is gonna be a no hippy
  22. Slyfoxmartin

    VMOPS Progression


    Oh! I just noticed this too. Kialya really misses Teamspeak. It's still required on this Yeah you guys will get me later for this lol
  23. Slyfoxmartin

    VMOPS Progression


    I wanna be heals! (You will say, "You are already heals") I just wanted to say it
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  25. Hey @SilentTheGray! I have been playing FF for a few months now, didn't know there was an interest group. I am on Aether but I'm on Jenova world. A friend got me playing and I joined an FC that they were in. It's a fun game.