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  1. Just bumping this up for any late comers like me who had not seen this previously, as we are nearing the end of the free quest offer on Aug 31st.
  2. I'd like to stay on the list. still playing sporadically. I tend to bounce from game to game, and usually sub when I am playing, so I tend to focus on those games I'm paying for, but I do enjoy spending time in ME. I've got a variety of levels of characters on 3 servers, but have most recently been playing with the ROH group on Landroval. Those range in level up to the mid 30s. I'm always up for getting together to play if I am available.
  3. Hi @Koro, Yes, I still visit Middle Earth every now and again. I made a few more toons on the server, and none of them are particularly high level, but they give me variety and crafting options If people want to get together and play sometime, I'm still up for it.
  4. Yes, my character is 32. I have some other toons I started that are lower level, too.
  5. I would like to have a more active guild. I find my time swings where at times I'm really into LOTRO, at others ESO, and occasionally I even jump back onto SWTOR...and then there are those times when I just want to play something offline (Surviving Mars is the current go-to). In LOTRO, there is a lot of group content I've never gotten to do that I would like to try.
  6. I don't know about all of you, but given the lack of chatter recently, I'm guessing you all have been as busy (or more so) as I have. I know I have not been journeying in Middle Earth for over a month now. It has been longer than that since we met as a group in game, and I wanted to see anyone was up for some adventure in October. Maybe we can find something fun that isn't as level dependent, in case we are spread out about in out individual progress. Anyway, just thought I would send some feelers out and see if anyone is interested so we can get some ideas going. Amri @Koro I don't know who all should be tagged, or if there is a group tag, so can you please help me spread the word?
  7. Hey Everyone, If you've been saving up your turbine points for quest packs, they are 20% off this week (through Oct 3rd). Fare journeys! Amri
  8. Apologies to anyone who was on to play tonight. We had storms roll through this afternoon and knocked out power.
  9. I just picked up several of the Garth Agarwen quests. I have never done them before. That could be something we try.
  10. @Koro yes, I've made it to level 30, and a bit beyond. I can't play ESO on this computer, so I've been spending my time in Middle Earth, instead. I've been working through the Lone Lands and having a grand time. Still a bit left. I did get the quest to Oatbarton, so was thinking of heading up to Evendim next. I've never done the group content up there, and would love to finally run it. I was able to pick up the multi-area quest pack that covers all the areas up to Moria, I think. I will not be available this weekend, though. We're heading back home from our summer cottage and leave Saturday early. We should be home by Sunday evening, so the 11th is a possibility for me.
  11. I should be good with the 10th or 11th. Also, I'm getting ready to head out of town on the weekend, so won't be available on Friday, and I'll have limited play time for the next month while I am gone.
  12. Turns out the 9th won't work so well for me after all. I forgot our local USL2 soccer team has a game that night that I have tickets for. Also, in general, it's rare that I am home from work before 6 eastern. A 7pm start would be better for me, or else I can join after you all get going..
  13. O, and don't forget, we also picked up the great barrows quests last time.
  14. Tuesday might work for me. Next week would probably be better. I will also be around this weekend (5th-7th). For the skirmishes, I don't think we all need to be the same level, just somewhat close to each other, although I confess it has been a very long tie since I grouped for a skirmish. You just need to make sure you've done the skirmish tutorial. As for any other content we group up for, I was a couple levels behind everyone else last month, and it all worked out fine.
  15. Yes, plenty, thanks! I also discovered the "processing" crafting options...makes leveling up sooo much easier. So, if anyone else needs light or medium hides, I now have some extra I can share.
  16. I'd be up for even doing level 25ish stuff. I did the skirmish training last night, and have a quest that calls for 3x 3-person instances to complete. Also, as a heads up, I go out of town mid July for a month, and I don't know how connected I will be during that time, although I can usually get on some.
  17. Speaking of crafting, I am trying to level up my tailoring, but I tend to find myself short on hides/leather. If anyone has any extras, I'll buy/barter for them from you. Looking for Light, medium, and sturdy at this time, and I can use hides or leather. I have a variety of low-level mats I can trade.
  18. It's 22 days in now and I haven't been able to log on once this month. I did leave the game updating when I went out today, though, so hopefully I'll get some play time this weekend.
  19. Great idea! It's so easy to forget to keep gear up to snuff in LOTRO, especially since it drop as easily as it does in ESO. I've been saving the mats I get with my explorer but don't use if they can help. I can only make light and medium armor, so all my metals and wood are available.
  20. 7 work for me. I may not be quite lvl 20 yet. I have a set of paper to score for a competition I'm judging this week, and it has taken longer to get through them than I anticipated, so I haven't had time to work on the last few levels. Should be alright, though
  21. I am also a couple levels away from 20, but should be pretty close, if not there by tomorrow evening
  22. I can do evening on the 2nd. I just couldn't go before noon.