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  1. until

    Where is @Merliah? I'm a doting old man and worry about my electronic flock.
  2. @Jed it's brand new Jed. As it turns out I'm having a bad pain day and had to stay home instead of being at Dave & Busters. I can be on if you want to run.
  3. I'm not judging, or being rude @Slyfoxmartin, you present yourself as genuinely nice in groups and I like your style. I am however really, really, curious how one might forget what must have been the most painful & yet awesome day of your life?
  4. I'm a maybe due to Football season: kickoff and happy, fun, time with @Jed & @Slyfoxmartin are conflicting tomorrow.
  5. until

    I'm not that bad at tanking...y'all don't need to run for the hills.
  6. MO-0519



    @KatalawI forgot to check the box when I replied to your post; because I'm old, slow, medicated and losing cognitive skills more and more each year.
  7. until

    I will tank, if needed, with Jed if a replacement cannot be found for that particular role.
  8. until

    It's NFL Season which meas Monday Night Football, and watching games at either Dave & Busters or Wild Wings Cafe until 2020ish.
  9. until

    I like your optimistic outlook on actually making that far.
  10. until

    You two are going to Batuu?
  11. until

    @Merliah has some semblance of inter-webs, can she DPS on mute?
  12. MO-0519



    I will help you Kat
  13. until

Congratulations to ShogunTaira, Slyfoxmartin, MoistKumquat & TMUMT on being chosen Members of the Month for September for their primary divisions!

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