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  1. You can count on me Jed. I will DPS or Tank
  2. until

    Tank, rDPS or heals in order of preference, please & thank you.
  3. until

    I'm always happy to help.
  4. until

    Brownout on the way back online
  5. until

    The Empress must be obeyed or she will crush your soul
  6. until

    See you next week Rama.
  7. until

    My vote is to take the night off. For me this decision is double jeopardy, because I'm an alternate and the only way I make the active roster is if someone is out. More over, I passionately want to obtain the achievement of downing Styrak in MM after all these years. Lets try again next week and I will be on stand-bye to fill-in as needed.
  8. until

    You can count on me @Katalaw.
  9. until

    @DreamingofRoses I will tank if you want to DPS Roses; your choice.
  10. @Katalaw you can count on me when there is need. I'd like to discuss earning a static role with you. Thank you,
  11. until

    Hope all is well
  12. You can count on me Jed. Put me down as a tank. @Vorn I don't think @Merliah is a fan of geriatrics like you and I. I ask her to do stuff and she ignores me also. (Just ribbing you as usual Merl)
  13. until

    Glad to help wherever you need it @Katalaw (well within reason)

Congratulations to Princess &, Chelly, Lakeborne & -Glamazon- on being chosen Members of the Month for July for their primary divisions!

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