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  1. until

    I've left the guild, my spot is wide open.
  2. until
    Unless otherwise instructed by @Katalaw we will be perfecting our mechanics and tactics in the Dxun Operation on Story Mode. * Please RSVP your status of availability. * Level 75 Required * Please come prepared with stims, adrenals & medpacks * We use Discord (if you have a private TeamSpeak server that you are willing to share with us, please notify Katalaw) Strike Team Alpha Tank 1: @Katalaw Tank 2: @MO-0519 Healer 1: @Sayuri Healer 2: @Rama rDPS 1: @Aravail rDPS 2: @Orig Wrangler mDPS 1: @Vorn mDPS 2: @Aedi Lanigiro Frequent Friends @Poje, @Jed, @Slyfoxmartin & @Madhatter5510
  3. until

    I'll be there.
  4. until

    We had to adjust the start time because Kat lives on the West Coast now.
  5. until

    I'll have to dial in accuracy
  6. until
    Unless otherwise instructed by @Katalaw we will be grinding the new operation, Dxun in Story Mode, on the planet Onderon. * If you have not already - you can pick up the onetime Story Mission after completing the planetary story-line, from astromech R4-G2, in the courtyard of Iziz. * Please remember to come equipped with stims, adrenals & med-packs. Please RVSP your status of availability. Strike Team Alpha Tank 1: @Katalaw Tank 2: @MO-0519 Healer 1: @Sayuri Healer 2: @Rama rDPS 1: @Aravail rDPS 2: @Orig Wrangler mDPS 1: @Vorn mDPS 2: @Aedi Lanigiro Frequent Friends @Madhatter5510 (prefers to heal) @Jed @Slyfoxmartin (prefers to heal)
  7. Happy Birthday @Chelly! Miss you on Wednesdays

    1. Chelly


      Thanks Mo  :) I miss you guys on Wednesday to

  8. until

    I vote to move the start time to 9PM EDT/6PM PDT.
  9. until

    I've been bad @Merliah I have not leveled my Ascension's DPS sorc yet. I'll try to get it done Wednesday before raid.
  10. until
    6.0 is here! Katalaw has declared we will be doing Story Mode Dxun (see Kat's comment below). Please RVSP your attendance status. Strike Team Alpha Tank - @Katalaw Tank - @MO-0519 Heal - @Sayuri Heal - @Rama DPS - @Aravail DPS - @Orig Wrangler DPS - @Vorn DPS - YOUR NAME HERE Frequent Friends @Madhatter5510 - prefers to Heal @Aedi Lanigiro @Jed @Slyfoxmartin - prefers to Heal We are still have an open slot on the Strike Team roster for a DPS.
  11. until

    Good Points! PLAN C - Improvise
  12. until
    OCTOBER 22nd is supposed to be 6..0 Update - so please update your files so you're not that one player making the rest of us wait. PLAN A - if @Katalaw is set up and leading us we may expect to continue progressing through MM Dread Fortress; or as directed. PLAN B - if @Katalaw is not set-up we will take down the Hive Queen in VM. PLAN C - Improvise Madhatter has selected to be moved to Frequent Friend status; therefor we have an open primary slot for a DPS. If you want a primary slot please message @Katalaw. Please RSVP you're availability status. Strike Team Alpha Tank: @Aravail Tank: @Katalaw Healer: @Sayuri Healer: @Rama rDPS: @Orig Wrangler mDPS: @Vorn rDPS: @MO-0519 (back-up Tank) DPS: APPLY WITHIN Frequent Friends @Madhatter5510 (prefers to heal) @Aedi Lanigiro @Jed @Slyfoxmartin (prefers to heal) FYI - OCTOBER 21st is rumored to be the release date for the next The Rise of Skywalker trailer premiering during Monday Night Football on ESPN (AKA Disney SPORTS). After broadcast it will then spread like a virus on the inter-webs.
  13. until

    @Aravail, @Rama, @Orig Wrangler, @Vorn, @Aedi Lanigiro & @Slyfoxmartin We are still one player short tonight even if @Orig Wrangler checks-in; otherwise two players short. With that I am CANCELLING tonight's RAID hopefully we have enough for next week. I will publish the RSVP calendar for next week, on Friday October 18th.