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    Mostly gaming. I like to create characters so I don't really enjoy games that are all first person.

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  1. Hello folks. I haven't been avoiding you. Some times life has other things in mind.

    My Father in Law wasn't doing well and my wife was understandably upset. Then Sunday morning ( my birthday) we got the word that he wasn't going to last much longer. So we spent the day getting her a flight, packed and off to Tennessee. About an hour into her flight we lost him. My wife is with the rest of her family and mine are here so, there's that.

    As you can imagine, I've not been in much of a gaming mood.

    I'll be back in game before too long.



    @Gagi  @Madhatter5510


    1. Madhatter


      I am so sorry to here that Protobahn You and you family have my condolences I will Pray for your family and if you ever need to talk I'm here. Take as much time as you need, we will all be here when you get back.

    2. Gagi


      I'm really sorry for your loss. Loosing someone is never easy. Take as much time as you need man! 

  2. Happy Birthday man! :) 

  3. Somethings come up, I won't be able to make the Ops tonight, sorry.

    Have fun.

  4. @Chelly STO Devs will restore deleted characters. I had them return one of mine about a year ago. As long as you know the character's name, you should be good. I don't remember River Song being quite so...blue. Spoilers I guess.
  5. Well hello folks. I took a break from STO 6 or 7 months ago. Since I've joined RoH, pretty much just been playing SWTOR. Thought I'd change this up a bit before I get burned out and here you all are! The Fleets I'm currently in (they have both Fed and KDF) are kind of "Solo fleets". Lots of members, lots of resources but no one ever seems to do anything together. Thus the break. I wasn't even planning on doing Risa this year. I would really like to hook up with people that like playing the game together. Even if it's just once in awhile. I'm going to assume that most of you spend your time on the Fed side. I'd be happy to move a character or three over to your fleet. Does RoH have a fleet? Pm me here or Discord and I'll log on. I'm very flexible time wise. Now I'm going to go see it there's an update and see how much ZEN I've accumulated.
  6. It really is. With so many DS9 alumni back, it's like an extra couple of DS9 episodes. Even if you only play through it once, it's worth it.
  7. I've got my Klingon Tact Cap Specializing in Command with Temporal Op secondary. I use any number of ship types with him but he always ends up back in a cruiser. The Fleet Mogh BC is his go to but right now it's the Martok Tact BC. Just park in the middle of a pack of mobs and "Fire at will".
  8. KDF Wargog@Skellek - Klingon Tactical (My main, best geared.) Zodo@Skellek - Joined Trill Science Miana@Skellek - Orion Engineer Jelak@Skellek - Cardassian Engineer Orcus@Skellek - Reman Engineer Vulrik@Skellek - Klingon Borg Tactical (Delta Agent) Irak'tora@Skellek - Jem'Hadar Tactcal FED Skellek@Skellek - Vulcan Tactical (My 1st character. Only made him so I could unlock the Klingons.) T'Lul@Skellek - Vulcan Science Shaw@Skellek - Human Engineer Birina@Skellek - Romulan Tactical R'ein@Skellek - Romulan Borg Science Sisek@Skellek - TOS Vulcan Engineer Robert Shepard@Skellek - Disco Human Tactical Rashish@Skellek - Andorian Tactical (My own Jeffrey Combs/Shran) All are max level and pretty well geared. I'm a lifetime sub so I can make more.
  9. Hello there. I'm new around here and would like an invite to the Imperial side of things. I'm working on my Trooper right now but let me know when and I'll hop on to my Sorcerer "Tzantium". Thx

    1. Merliah


      You can do a who search for ''vestige of despair'' and any officer or assistant can invite you! If no one is online who can, someone can always switch over from pub side. I'm not on 24/7, so might be easier if you get an invite that way!


      If you are interested in getting into Imperial events, you can join our interest group here so you can sign up and be up to date on all things imp side.

    2. Protobahn


      Very cool. Thank you

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