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    Gaming, trying to meet new ppl, music, lifting weights, staying fit, cooking, bowling, collecting things. Anything Star Wars related, and anything Medival related. Mythical and Sci-Fi

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    Imp side - Warrellik, Xarezel, , Zymyl, Rynzie, Synyl, Noviah. Rep side - Relcia, Nycila, Raghath
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    Sith Juggernaut
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  1. How difficult is RP, I have never RP'd before and I am interested in learning possibly.  Though I aqm finding difficult to interact with ppl, due to my shyness, and I am very timid and quiet.  I want to make new friends, or at least try, and need positivity in my life, but of course who doesn't want that lol........Oh and I pay swtor obviously lol

  2. Had some minor surgery done, and everything went well, now just in the recovery stage, oh what fun lol.

  3. Hi all, nice to meet ya (virtually anyways lol ) Well lets see...I'm Luke or Rellik either works for me. I am 40yrs old, ex Law Enforcement, 14yrs experience. Had to take an early retirement due to a work related injury, that has changed my lifestyle a bit. I am half blind, and low vision in my good eye (head injury) Been single for 8yrs, though I have dated. But since my injury and my disability, I have become a bit socially awkward lol. I do have social anxiety. So needless to say I don't get out as much as I would like to lol I have become quite shy for some odd reason, which does make it diffgicult to meet the ladeies lol But anyways, I am a big star wars fan, and you guessed it, I'm in SWTOR I'm a gamer naturally, like to lift weights and listen to music and watch youtube. I am also a movie buff. I do have a degree in computer science and criminal justice. I live in the midwest. I'm just an all around quiet, nice guy. I joined to try and make some new friends., to try and branch out, plus its really no fun to play swtor by yourself, sometimes its okay though lol. So hopefully I can make some new friends, and just go with the flow. Of course there is more to know about me, but I don't feel like writing a book, I've written enough lol. If you wanna know more, just ask, I'm actually easy to talk to and easy to get along with. Have a great day/evening/night.
  4. living life, the best I can anyways lol glad you're feeling better
  5. ah gotcha lol well when you get to PC, just post and let us know and we'll try to make something happen and get together and play sometime.
  6. lvl 16 on PC? should be pretty easy or easier to get you lvl'd up, as long as you play with someone who is or has a lvl 30 toon. I'm always willing to help where I can..
  7. I have it on both pc and xbx. Its been a couple of weeks since I played on PC, but do like to switch it up from xbx to pc and vice versa
  8. Hi @T'riss I am also in SWTOR, so maybe we'll see each other, and game someyime.
  9. Hang in there, @Rellik! You're not alone. Requesting an extension is the way to go.

  10. Finding it difficult to connect or talk.  So use to being a lone wolf.....

  11. until

    If I had my Maurader or Jugg at 70, I'd join ya, but alas, I'mnot lvl 70