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    Gaming, trying to meet new ppl, music, lifting weights, staying fit, cooking, bowling, collecting things. Anything Star Wars related, and anything Medival related. Mythical and Sci-Fi

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    Imp side - Warrellik, Xarezel, , Zymyl, Rynzie, Synyl, Noviah. Rep side - Relcia, Nycila, Raghath
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  1. Hi everyone. Did everyone have a good thanksgiving? Hope everyone is doing good and being safe
  2. Hiya and Welcome, nice to meet you. And I applaud your dedication I've been single for over 8yrs, but for entirely different reasons lol I am ex Law Enforcement, now retired/disableed after working just over 15yrs in the field.
  3. Hi @Ammy feel free to introduce yourself, if you would like
  4. I'll have to update and/or reintroduce myself
  5. I've been single since 2012. And I also have trust issues, along with a lil depression and an anxiety disorder. Though some of it comes from work, and what happened, the things I've seen and had to do while working. So yeah PTSD. I am also a sensitive guy. I'm quiet, but I am also a good listener. But I find it difficult to talk to ppl anymore. I use to be very socialable, biut then things happen/happened of course. But I undeerstand where you're coming from.
  6. To my SWTOR friends and allies, how is RP?  Asling for a friend lol jk

  7. Needing something that is going to get me to open up and be a lil more active.  I dislike my anxiety and timidness.....

  8. Oh, I have my good and bad days. But who doesn't right lol For once this has been a good day for me. lol. Everyone staying safe I hope..
  9. I don't talk much and stay to myself quite a bit, but wanted to say to everyone.  And hope all is well :)

  10. lol so which is it? lol jk Nice to meet ya giving you a virtual handshake
  11. Hello everyone, Thank you @T'riss for giving me the opportunity here, and you are welcome to stop by anytime (as if I should have to say that lol) But anywho, I'm Rellik or Luke, and I am still very much single, been this way for over 8 yrs now. I'm 40, and introverted. But I will admit, and have tried, but the dating scene is tough nowadays, especially now, with whats going on in the world. So I do hope everyone is safe and doing good.. I'm Ex Law Enforcement (early retirement) I'm a gamer, I'm quiet, I'm shy, but do like to text. I play on xbox as well. But feel free to intrudce yourself or reintroduce yourself. I just wanted to say hi and thank you to T'riss. And I will try my best to make things fun and interesting.
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