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    Gaming, trying to meet new ppl, music, lifting weights, staying fit, cooking, bowling, collecting things. Anything Star Wars related, and anything Medival related. Mythical and Sci-Fi

Star Wars: The Old Republic Character Reference

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    Imp side - Warrellik, Xarezel, , Zymyl, Rynzie, Synyl, Noviah. Rep side - Relcia, Nycila, Raghath
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    Sith Juggernaut
    Sith Marauder
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  1. Hang in there, @Rellik! You're not alone. Requesting an extension is the way to go.

  2. Finding it difficult to connect or talk.  So use to being a lone wolf.....

  3. until

    If I had my Maurader or Jugg at 70, I'd join ya, but alas, I'mnot lvl 70

Congratulations to Princess &, Chelly, Lakeborne & -Glamazon- on being chosen Members of the Month for July for their primary divisions!

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