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  1. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Leia


      Thank you 

  2. Happy Birthday Ezo!!!!

    1. Ezoura


      Thank you, @Bents88!! Hope all is well and that you’ve been drinking some good beers! 😉 

  3. Bents88


    It is my honor to carry on this amazing community event. Join us on Friday in the community hall voice channel! Come sing a few songs or support your friends at KARAOKE NIGHT!!!
  4. Happiest of birthdays to you Dizerel!



    The Elder Council

  5. Have a wonderful birthday Armaros!


    The Elder Council

  6. Bents88


    In light of the upcoming duel tourny we have added a new PVP event. Tuesday night duels!!!!! We will get together to practice our 1v1 skills.
  7. Happy birthday!!!!!

  8. Happy birthday Azi!!

  9. Happy birthday dude!!!

  10. Happy Birthday bro!!!

    1. Radman51


      thanks Sir Studsalot :D.

  11. Happy belated!! Hope you guys are doing well!!!

  12. Happy belated buddy!! xoxo

  13. Bents88


    Mission: Battlegrounds When: Every-other Sunday @9:00PM EST Prerequisites: At least a level 10+ Character Discord is not mandatory but is highly recommended as it is extremely helpful in communicating, organizing, and/or listening to your teammates. Join us in the field! In this event we will meet up and form into 4 person groups to capture flags, relics, and kill counts! No experience necessary! Here is a great beginners guide. Feel free to reach out to any of the PvP team members for questions or assistance. See you on the battle ground soldier!
  14. Happy belated Eli!!! ❤️

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