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  1. This is our( @HealingGamer and I) favorite game: Memoir '44. It's a light war game, that combines miniatures, dice, cards, and a board into a single play experience.
  2. Hey, I wanted to know if there would be a book for June. I haven't been a in book club for a long time, so I am looking forward to it. To start things rolling, I would suggest one of the novels of Gene Wolfe, of whom I am a big fan. Say one of the small ones, like There are Doors, or Home Fires. That's just to get the ball rolling. I would be fine with anything we chose.
  3. Hey, do you guys plan to play tomorrow? Do you still allow guests?
  4. Hey there! I used to run WFRP 1st back in the day, I played a little of 2nd and 3rd. What did think of the clone that came out a couple of years ago, ZWEIHANDER?
  5. Happy Birthday!! 🎉

    1. javaapp


      Thank you!

Congratulations to Lupe, Kitty Chelle & Ennuigo on being chosen Members of the Month for May for their primary divisions!

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