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  1. hit 24k !!
    and beat blood hunt master mode

    with @Madhatter5510 @Revanite and @Drevina

    Screenshot (360).png

    Screenshot (359).png

    Screenshot (358).png

  2. proof of what you can accomplish with voice chat, good dps, and a tank who doesn't know what he's doing
    😂 good times though with

    @Drevina @silentdeer @Zane @Thalion @Kushluk Shimazu @kaisere and @ryebread (if you know who these alts are lmk and i'll link their forum names)

    Screenshot (348).png

    Screenshot (350).png

    Screenshot (341).png

    Screenshot (337).png

    1. Thalion


      Well, to be fair, you had one DPS who didin't know what he was really doing either.

    2. Digibear


      drev is gonna have a video, I thought you did pretty well tho lol

    3. Thalion


      In that last fight, when the fingers kept popping up, I felt like I was just running around trying to find them.  I would get to one only to find that someone has just finished it off.  Then I would turn around and look for another and run towards that one and the same thing happened.  I did a lot of running around chasing things that night.


      Of course, that's if I didn't just drop dead.  I did a lot of that too.  I'd be running and then I'd be dead.

  3. attempt number 1 at completing the world boss cheev, 
    2 down, one to go

    (p.s the droid on quesh may look like friendly droid.....but it sure doesn't hit like one)

    with @Drevina @Siegffried and @D'raango

    Screenshot (332).png

    Screenshot (334).png

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