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  1. This is a project I've been working on....very little by little lol
  2. Whoo....it's really hard to pick one...or even a couple...I suppose I'll just list in the order I think of them... 1. Naruto - Yes, I know it's a popular one, so people want to dog on it because they wanna be "special" and like those lesser-known animes, but I really love this one. They have wonderful character development....especially with Itachi, who is probably my all-time favorite character. There is the slight problem of Naruto's "talk-no-jutsu" and episodes dragging incidents on and on....but DBZ suffered the same problem, and everyone loves DBZ. 2. Dragon Ball Z - It is the first anime I'd ever seen, and to my young mind, it had the perfect mix of humor, drama, and action. 3. Angel Beats - This is a bit of a lesser-known anime. At first glance, it seems like a simple slice-of-life anime, but though the first few episodes go a little slow, the anime gets very funny, yet at the same time, very emotional. It really does tug on your heartstrings. The last episode made it one of the first anime to ever make me cry. 4. Your Lie in April - Another slice-of-life, but very beautifully drawn with intriguing and fleshed-out characters. This is another one that made me cry in the end. If you love music and love stories, you'll love this anime. 5. A Silent Voice - This...anime...is...BEAUTIFUL! Though the manga does a much better job of fleshing out the characters better, the anime is wonderful in it's own right. This is a movie rather than a series, and has a wonderful story. It shows the growth of a character from being a bully to making amends and even loving the girl he picked on as a child. The voice actor for Shoko, in both Japanese and English, is actually voiced by someone who is deaf in real life. It's a sweet little tear-jerker. 6. Code Geass - One of the very few anime which left my head reeling at the end. This anime is the king of plot-twists. I am very good and figuring out plot, and I can usually guess how everything is going to end....not in this anime. The twists and turns and plots in this thing will keep you at the edge of your seat. Though some episodes can get a little dull when they get into the politics, the payoff from the next big plot twist will keep you engaged and interested. 7. Loveless - Okay......okay...okay....one thing you need to do to enjoy this anime is try and forget the fact the lead character is only 12. The age of consent in Japan is only 13...so sometimes they make anime with uncomfortable age gaps for other nations....mix that with the fact that it features many homosexual relationships, which may bother some, this anime can make you feel awkward. You should really try to get past that because I think the plot and story is amazing....when you get past a 20-something-year-old getting awfully intimate with a 12-year-old....though he always tells him he won't do anything til he's older. The anime did fizzle out and stopped waaay before the manga, but watch it if you get a chance....and read the manga. The manga gives you so much more than the anime can. 8. Inuyasha - This is another one of the big "greats". It was one of my first anime, after watching Ranma 1/2. I was looking for something that was similar, so I decided to try out Inuyasha, as it was based on a manga from the same writer. I was blown away by how well-written the storyline was....the confusion and pain Inuyasha feels as he has to choose between Kagome and Kikyo. Shesshomaru and his changing feelings towards humans.....Kagura and her desperate plight....wonderful. I hear they finally finished out the series, so I'll have to try watching it again. The manga ended so nicely, I'd like to see it in japanimation now lol. 9. Ranma 1/2 - This is another one that I really liked. It was very comedic, and the love story between Ranma and Akane gets very nicely fleshed out. By the end, I just could't wait to see those crazy kids end up together. This anime led me to purchasing my very first complete manga series, as the series doesn't finish it out (if I remember correctly) and I was desperate to know if they ever got together. Ranma even has very good movies that go well with the series. 10. Stein's Gate - This anime can start out a little slow, but after a few episodes in, it takes completely off. There is humor, drama, love, loss....friggin' fantastic! I remember having a really good time watching it. It was another one that has a really twisty plotline with surprises around every corner once it got going. This is an anime that teaches you the dangers of changing the past.... I suppose I'll stop there, lol. I am very passionate about anime, and I could go on forever. It's nice to see so many like-minded members.

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