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  1. How do you change the color of your text? Is there a way to do it on a smartphone?
  2. Do we still plan to play LOTRO in the future? reason I ask is because I haven't seen anything posted in this Interest group in a while...
  3. anyone up for some Elite Dangerous tonight?
  4. anyone up for possibly forming a wing tonight?
  5. I had no idea there were different servers...
  6. I don't know...Probably Elite Dangerous.
  7. Nowadays, I'm either playing Just Cause 4, or Elite Dangerous. although I think ED maybe considered an MMO.
  8. If anyone is interested, would y'all like to consider creating an unofficial RoH squadron for Elite Dangerous on PC?
  9. crossplay would be nice. I'd hate to lose my progress and money by switching platforms.