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  1. What do each of them mean (I mean, I know what general means, but what about the other two)?
  2. So, I'm trying to write a science fantasy series and I need some help explaining the actions of the antagonist. There's a multiverse, with a world that serves as its overwatch. A stone from this world accidentally activates and teleports to the most unlikely spot: A young man's brain. The stone gives the man special powers. So, what I want is for the antagonist from the overwatch world (he's the ruler) to use the man to bring together the multiverse under his rule (without explicitely stating these plans). He acts as the man's mentor, but then the truth is discovered in later books. So my question is, how can I have, the antagonist as the man's mentor while simultaneously having the armies of the overwatch world as the main source of conflict?
  3. Frontier Developments is hosting a raffle to win a custom PC put together by a company known as Overclockers UK. https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/359320/view/2248932323919263934
  4. Is one of your servers called Remnants of Ragnarok?
  5. Maybe we can add grinding for a Sol permit? What do y'all think?
  6. What're y'alls names in ED (so I can add you to my friends list).
  7. Does anyone know how I can add friends on ED?
  8. Good Evening all. Here is a recent update on the progress of the fleet carriers: Frontier plans to give a pre-recorded stream on Youtube on April 2, at 18:00 (UTC), which will relate al the details about these new carriers. They did give us some details, however. For starters, the cost of these carriers, upon release, is going to be a whopping 5,000,000,000 Cr (I mean, we all saw this comin'). Each carrier will have 16 landing pads The carriers have a new fuel known as Tritium. You can manage your carrier's finance by setting tariffs, adjusting the buying and selling prices of commodities in your Carrier's market (I didn't know it had one...Cool). The carrier has a max jump of 500Ly. You can jump whenever you want, but do note that there is a cooldown, and warmup, with each drive. There will be two betas before the update goes live. The first is for PC only, and begins on April 7th. The next beta, for all platforms, begins in May. These were all pulled from a post on Steam (I basically copy/pasted this). So who's ready to grind out 5 Billion Credits?
  9. Thanks for those ideas. I'll see what I can do.
  10. Hey guy's! I know we haven't actually done anything with this group yet. Would y'all still be interested in trying to do something? If so, do you guys have any ideas on some events we could set up (kinda like the other divisions)? maybe a mining day here, an exploring day there...something like that?
  11. I had no idea brown dwarves (or any stars for that matter) could have rings.
  12. So, there's a game on steam that I enjoy playing called Planetside 2. It's an open-world, Multiplayer FPS, and the main objective is for your faction (there are three) to capture all areas on the continent before anyone else does. If anyone is interested, I would love to see if we can put together a squadron one of these days. What do you think?
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