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  1. Hi everyone, my boyfriend @Bears (Darius) is checking for me, see u all soon ❤️

  2. Happy Easter Everyone my boyfriend @Bears (Darius) is checking in for me <3

  3. Hello, everyone 


    My boyfriend is checking in for me

  4. Hi everyone

    1. Elisel


      Hey there! Hope you are doing well :)

  5. Hello everyone my boyfriend @Bears (Darius)is checking in for me 

  6. Hey Scoobs, I had to get my discord re configured my boyfriend Bears did it for me 

  7. Hey hon just in case u don't notice it the discord was hacked once its sorted and a new one comes in ill send u the link for it love ya ❤️

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    2. Lupe


      true Darius but I've seen lightrosenight appeared using teamspeak still, think that may be the best place to get ahold of her

    3. Bears (Darius)

      Bears (Darius)

      @Jae Onasican u re send the discord link and @Lupe I know


    4. Jae Onasi

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