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  1. until

    Dps role Level 75 Lightning sorc with a item rating of 271 {passed by one}
  2. Skywalker17

    Imp Side Data Cron Hunt 4-6 pm est

    I need everything
  3. Skywalker17

    SMOPs Explosive Conflict


    I’m up for both but especially the 16 man. Role: MDPS
  4. Skywalker17

    SMOPs Scum and Villainy


    back up or for 16 man,Mdps
  5. Skywalker17

    Flashpoint Thursday


    DPS ranging from melee to range
  6. May it be one of the best!

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  7. Happy Birthday buddy!! Have a super day filled with joy 🎉


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  8. Happy Birthday @Skywalker17  Working with you has been great.  You are awesome and RoH and the SWTOR division are lucky to have you!!

  9. I guess it’s my turn huh. Hello everyone my name is Skywalker17,I am the current Recruitment Officer in Swtor for ROH. I’m 24 year old going on 25 this month who lives in west Michigan. My last relationship was in 2013 which long story short I dated someone who at the time I would of done anything for and one night I was literally introduced to my replacement and told I wasn’t good enough to be with her,I recovered..mostly but haven’t tried to be with anyone else since then. Anyways I really enjoy my time in RoH,Helping in both recruitment,Roleplaying and running in Operations with my friends.Swtor is my go to in this guild but that is not my limit I also play other games like Halo,Final fantasy 14 and ESO to name a few. Outside all that I work full time in retail and whenever I get the chance I like to travel to different places. I Love Starwars as well as Marvel,Harry potter and Jurassic park/world the list goes on and my choice of music is 80s Classic Rock n Roll with some metal bands thrown in. Thats all I have,nice to meet you guys.
  10. Hi this is OsosaD. I feel that i'm not going to complete my trial in time. The completing of the 2 in game events  is going to be hard for me to complete due to me working evenings, 3pm to 11pm, Sunday to Thursday. Was wondering what happens if I can't complete it in time. Thanks

  11. until

    I’ll be there