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  1. And welcome to the forums @darthrevan1238! Thanks for taking the time to fill out an application with us! The Recruitment department has read through your application, and we'd all like to ask you to expand on some of your answers to give us a bit more of yourself if you can. This includes Questions 4 ,5,6 ,8,9,11 and 14 Your application is the first impression that we get from you, and we like to feel that we can get to know you through it. Plus, we just love to read. Please take a moment and see if you can elaborate on some of your answers so that we can move forward with your application and trial process. Thanks! ~Sky Recruitment Officer SWTOR Division
  2. Hi this is OsosaD. I feel that i'm not going to complete my trial in time. The completing of the 2 in game events  is going to be hard for me to complete due to me working evenings, 3pm to 11pm, Sunday to Thursday. Was wondering what happens if I can't complete it in time. Thanks

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