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  1. With 0 experience and some willingness to murder my brother in law, I'd be interested. But given timezones differences, I'd probably be looking at Friday-Sat night.
  2. Let me hijack this thread to answer this, as I believe will be beneficial knowledge to everyone! Once your grand company allows you to have your own squad (I believe you unlock it as soon as you reach Lieutenant, which may have a level 50, or MSQ req.) you will have to do the following: Recruit Squad Members (This is done by completing the challenge log, as to attract candidates, then going into the barracks and reading the papers on your table) Send them on initial missions to get to level 20. Clear the level 20 special mission. (This might require you to realocate members or develop their stats in a certain way through training). BAM, now that you've completed the special mission, you will get a special option called "Command Mission". This will have you lead 3 squad members of your choosing into the desired dungeon, regardless of your role you can always shift things around to fit; the dungeon itself is literally a normal dungeon with drops and XP in where you can give commands to your squad, and even have access to an especial Limit Break (Haven't used it, but I believe it's just a squad-wide buff.) As far as I know, most leveling dungeons are available for that and it's excellent to level DPS as you get in instant. It's also worth noting that Command Missions also level your squadron, which you'd need to have them Level 40 to do the second special mission that allows you to get promoted beyond Second Lieutenant. It's boring as hell, but the story deserves a closing! You actually just need to clear the 50th floor (so 1/4 of the entire dungeon), and after that a quest will pop out continuing that story.
  3. I do have it however I never actually played it and consider myself a total newbie.
  4. PoTD is not that amazing for fun as it is amazing for leveling. It's great fast leveling for those who want to level a DPS class without XP buffs, as queue is super fast. Also there is a minor story background that I think it's great, and some cosmetic rewards that can be pretty fun too.
  5. If people say WHM is stressful I can't even begin to fathom what's AST is... however, I am not max level yet, so maybe it changes. However what I believe most people may mean by that is that, like Tzunami said, as a healer you are also expected to DPS, and WHM is supposed to be one of the most dps-y healers right now. (I've heard it even outdps warrior, but not sure how true that is.) So yeah of course someone who comes by only expecting to heal may think it's super stressful to maintain your party up, follow mechanics and still do damage on top of it all. But I believe it is nothing that takes away from the class/role, quite on contrary I believe FFXIV is special because of this.
  6. Hey man, if you ever need anything that's not a healer, let me know! I'm on Lamia - Primal
  7. Long time WoW player, also played ESO and SWTOR for an extensive amount of time. I started FFXIV recently and it's already my top rated MMO in many aspects and made me seriously wonder why I never gave it a chance before. I'm yet to go through Heavensward and I must say, without even getting to Shadowbringers, this game deserves to be held up with the other big MMOs, and has some great potential. At first, it does feels a bit odd regarding to GCD, gameplay, and world design, as some aspects of the game were largely limited by the fact the game had to be on PS3. But it's not too long until you get used to it and the story starts getting to you. Once your Job reaches level 30, you'll start having the start of a solid rotation for some classes and the gameplay starts feeling better, and it will continue to improve gradually until your job is fully fleshed out - by then your Jobs should have unique class mechanics that really set the pace on how you play and the 2.5GCD is either straight up reduced or you have so many Off-GCD skills you never really feel bothered by it. Now this is off course not without its limitations. The game is still a Final Fantasy game, which means it has a very detailed and developed story to go with it, in which sometimes suffers from "MMO filler moments" that includes obnoxious fetch quests and endless mailman mode. There's also a huge quest wall to close A Realm Reborn and start Heavensward, which are unskippable. I hear it does gets better on Heavensward...onwards? (Unless you pay, which I wouldn't recommend as the story is one of the biggest selling points. That said, ARR story is not the best in the game, and could be caught up with some youtube videos.) ARR as a base game is impressive, especially when you compare to Cataclysm (as they released around the same time). The game clearly lacks the polished look WoW has, especially regarding to its website and account management, but gameplay-wise, it is in some ways better than Cataclysm. What impressed me the most, and I'd recommend any people who may be interested to give it a go is the crafting system. Crafting in this game works as a combat job, as in you have your skills, stats and gear, and the act of crafting an item is a hands-on activity where you can fail, craft a normal or even a high-quality item. (Which I've also heard can be as strong as raid items, so crafting is a valid form of gearing up and the game economy is extremely active because of it) To finish, I'd have to add that even though the Main Story Quest (MSQ, in-game) is mandatory and sometimes a drag, it does makes the world, especially Vanilla, feel alive by giving players a reason to be in the overworld and running dungeons with friends (as opposed to ignoring the story and chain-queueing dungeons as the best form of leveling). On the good side, the Job system makes it that you never need to level an alt, or re-do the story ever again unless you want it. You can just have the same character learn every job and even get an XP boost for your secondary jobs until they reach your main's level. Any question you may have about the game itself, feel free to ask me! I'm actually working towards to becoming a Mentor in the future, so I'd be happy to help!