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  1. to anyone interested here is the tank perspective I have been looking at
  2. I really like getting to see what you guys are doing mechanics wise. I was wondering what the "clear" mechanic was that everyone was shouting. I assumed it was some kind of cleanse but it makes a lot more sense now! Also seeing clock phase was useful I am going to try to find some tank POVs to get a better idea of my job.
  3. Vehirt



    I can make it if Yiss can't
  4. until

    Feel better @Madhatter5510
  5. until

    DPS > Heals > Stank so basically don't make me main tank and we good
  6. Happy Birthday Cix😄🥳

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    if you need the help heals>dps. Anyone should feel free to take my spot though
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    I'll backup heals if needed. Always makes it easier to heal with @Slyfoxmartin
  10. This week marks the start of playoffs good luck to everyone else who made it!
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    Heals>DPS but can be both
  12. Just saw this and hopped in! Never played FPL but I've wanted to for a while
  13. Does anyone in here watch or play melee at a competitive level? I just enjoy watching pro melee more than pro ultimate. Still play more ultimate tho lol