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    Cycling - 2 day/210 mile bike ride in Ohio (SCIOTO River Vally tour). Music, play the Trumpet and Bass Guitar in High School, College and now Church. Spending time with family, and playing MMO games.

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  1. @LMKurosu, I have not started any Dungeons for GW2 and was wondering if I could join tonight's run or since I would be in story mode if that would mess up the normal Monday activity?

  2. Just did my first HP Training with Princess Cookiecake. Although I made a rookie mistake and brought a character that had already

    done most of that area, still had a great time. Group and Princess were very patient as the new kid stumbled, and fell over his Raptor/Springer mounts hehehe. I didn't die once, but when you have a Princess looking over don't get much better than that!!! Thanks again Princess for the run, I will look forward to every other Friday now. Kieran, Kethry, and Doxx were also in party. Thanks all for the fun :) gw001.thumb.jpg.272a63360b7ef39112472d5333a3d031.jpg