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  1. Feladris

    RP 101

    Are you new to RP? Are you a veteran tabletop roleplayer, but have no idea how RP works in World of Warcraft? Say no more! The WoW RP Department will be gathering at our headquarters, Westbrook Garrison in Elwynn Forest, for a lesson in how to RP!
  2. Ayy, glad to hear it! I've heard that the undead have a pretty dark, well-written starting zone, too. I've gotta go through it myself. Taking it slow is the way to go imo. Otherwise, the result is that you only have fun in one level and not the other 59.
  3. When I played vanilla back in the day, I rolled almost exclusively night elves, so I memorized Teldrassil so well that I can remember where everything is even to this day. So when I was questing in Shadowglen on my night elf druid, I found myself getting bored. This freaked me out -- I was like, "I've waited years to play this, and now I'm finding out that I may not even like it?!" But then I started questing on my dwarf this morning -- a race I've never played, not even in retail. I had no idea what the quests were, where to find the objectives, anything. And it was awesome. Without the minimap to hold my hand, I had to explore blindly in hopes that I could maybe find the stuff that gnome lost. I laughed at quest text I had never read before and scratched my head over where Anvilmar could be. This is the Classic experience I was hoping for! Exploring a world for the first time, searching far and wide for quest objectives whose locations aren't spoon-fed to you. I'm stoked to get back on my dwarf (and maybe play with friends this time.) Anyone else have cool experiences like this?
  4. Last few times I checked, Bloodsail hasn't had a queue at all. The highest I ever saw the queue was at about 30 minutes. It seems to have the perfect amount -- full, but not overflowing. You're thinking of Bloodsail Buccaneers. I am on Bloodsail Buccaneers and Grobbulus. If you wanna say hi on Bloodsail, add Feladris. For Grobbulus, Thressa and Ilrieth. Happy questing!
  5. /sign Feladris I want to add that I'm very impressed by the checks and balances and democratic measures in place. That's rare in guilds, and it's something to be admired!
  6. Feladris

    Casual PvE/Raid


    Cool, I hoped that was all it was! All the days are the same?
  7. Feladris

    Casual PvE/Raid


    I was indoctrinated welcomed into Remnants of Hope today, and one of the things I'm looking forward to doing the most is raiding Azshara's Eternal Palace with you all. However, all I see are Battle of Dazar'alor raids like this one. Is this a mistake? Where do I have to go to find information about Eternal Palace raids? I don't see any information about Eternal Palace raids on the WoW raiding forum, either. Maybe @Tyrtaeus could help me out?