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  1. As I enjoyed my first real RP even. I was looking at the Character Sheet. I am making a "Data Base" style document with a free office program so making Characters will be much easier in the future if anyone wants to use it. Once I have the file complete I'll pass it on to you (or whomever is the SWTOR RP officer at the time.

  2. Hey all. Just a quick bit about me. I am Canadian EH. I use to play video games all the time if I wasn't working. Got into a few jobs that I ended up working more hours than the mind and body could take. Now to get back into the swing of this. Just built myself a new rig so I shouldn't have graphical issues. Just FAT fingers.

  3. /sign Mich1969 Read through this very carefully before even applying.

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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