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    I like cooking, being excited 90% of the time, violin, drawing, and being in sweaters

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  1. Pupp

    GW2 Strike Missions

    Join @Darklord Acidburnfor Strike Missions! Strike Missions will be chosen by him and run an hour. please note that we only have 9 slots to give out. Please send @Puppa DM on the forums or through Discord (Pupp#1331) if you are wanting to reserve a spot. See this post for more info on this event:
  2. Pupp

    GW2 Raid Training

    Come join @SilentTheGray, @Pupp, and @Darklord Acidburn for a beginner friendly raid training! There are special rules when it comes to signing up and joining, please go to these TWO posts if you are wanting to sign up for this raid or future raids!
  3. For those wanting to organize groups above T1s and T2s but don't know who to go to, fret no longer! I bring you... THE FRACTAL SPREADSHEET! Special thanks to our previous Raid Department! I used their spreadsheet character info design for this! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CAyvnxr-ovRaymGfOLXMnxkQWaIy79SXQLLdMDk8ZlI/edit?usp=sharing In this spreadsheet, you will be able to find your local guildies who have unlocked T1s and above and see what they bring to the table! Now... how do you insert yourself into this spreadsheet? I'm glad you asked! Your first task it to insert both your RoH Name along with your ANet ID. Second, enter your Fractal level. If you are completely new to Fractals, you're probably level 1. To check, go to LA and enter the large red Fractal Portal near the Aerodrome. On the top it will tell you both your Agony Resistance and Personal Fractal Level. Next, enter your character details. This includes your character name, your class/elite, and your role in Fractals. If you are not sure what your role is, then select DPS. You can enter more than one character, just make sure to select the people below you and move them down however cells you need. You can do this by selecting multiple cells with the shift key, then dragging them down one cell (or however many you need) with your left mouse button. Finally, enter your Agony Resistance and the furthest Fractal Tier you can access. You can find your AR (Agony Resistance) on your Hero Panel [H] under your Equipment tab to the right. Now you can DM your players on the forums or find them ingame to ask to Fractal with! Happy Fractaling!
  4. Pupp

    GW2 Druid Training

    Join @Jinn Galia to learn Druid healing for raids! You will learn the basics of Druid and how to heal your team including build, pets, your role in raids, utilities, cc, and tips and tricks on how to heal effectively! This class will be about an hour roughly. Please see this post if you are wanting to join: https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/50293-druid-training-class/
  5. Pupp

    GW2 PvE x Recruitment DS

    The PvE team and the Recruitment team is gathering up to take over all three lanes of DragonStand! During this time, PvE assistants will lead the charge, while the Recruitment team will invite people to the guild and actively advertise RoH! Come join us and let everyone know about our amazing guild! (This is a one-time monthly event. This event will take priority over other planned PvE events if times overlap.)
  6. Pupp

    GW2 Fractals

    Fractals! Come join, newer players welcomed and encouraged! The team will lead you through the daily fractals and more, and teach you tips and tricks!
  7. Pupp

    GW2 Living Story

    Join the group to walk through the entire GW2 Living Story! We will be running through each mission and watching all cut scenes. There will also be times where we will try and get the achievements!
  8. Spacing off during my study time, I was thinking about RNG in life:


    What if RNG is effected by your karma in life? Then you could do a study on it where people write down their good things they did in a day and bad things they did. Then there would be a self-made personal chart on how much karma points you gain or lost on it. After you've added your points or subtracted them, you do 3 RNG based rolls, specifically a lootbox type ( see bullets for types) and see what you get and see if is correlates with your karma points. This would occur over 10 days and with a multiple people. 


    If karma was linked to your luck or RNG, you should get: 

    • A: The thing you wanted (ex. a special skin that has appeal only to you)
    • B: The rarest item (ex. a special skin that is expensive, but might or might not have appeal to you)

    This will determine what type of lootbox I would use in the study, since karma could effect personal gain or monetary gain. 
    Comparing results would be looking at the drop rates of the lootbox and what you have gotten over the 10 days and if they match up or lean more towards good or bad RNG if you had more good or bad karma.

    Results would be inconclusive at best, but it would be fun to look at.

    Now I should get back to studying since I've itched this thought...

    1. Princess




      That is a really fun thought! Very interesting thing to think about! You're going bananas studying stats, aren't you?

  9. Pupp

    GW2 Jumping Puzzles

    Come join KageSennen in game for jumping puzzle fun!
  10. My family's leftover rice is never fried. This way, the child is addicted to it. 


  11. Went through an old Discord group chat and found this gem. I hope you all have a chaotic good day. 


  12. A small doodle I thought about during tonight's conversation 😂  @Kingston


  13. Actual drawing incoming. Ready for another big project 😄
    This one is my DnD character, Akura, a 10 year old sorceress!