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    Almost Purple, O Shiitake Mushroom, Heal on CD, Pam Took the Kids, Always Sorry, GIMMIE UR BEANS, Thirty Four, Kneecap Soup

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    yall ever eat these

  2. until
  3. 9.1 mbs of pure chonk.

  4. Pupp


    See Raid Roster here: Sign-ups are posted every Tuesday of each week. Please sign-up if you'd like to join us! Beginners and vets both welcome. If you are interested in being a sub, just keep an eye out in the #GW2-General chat in the Discord. I'll send out a ping if I need a fill. Thanks! Contact @Pupp on the forums or on Discord (Pupp#1331) if you have any questions.
  5. Would like to join strike team 10/15 if you have room please. Not sure if this is were I ask to get into strike team.

    1. Pupp


      @Darklord Acidburn as well as @Barandar control strikes, as I am not apart of the PvE team anymore. Just show up as you would to Fractal night and they'll get you in :)

    2. Barandar


      Thanks Pupp! Yeah, just show up  at 9 pm EST and there's always room :)

  6. Pupp


    Beginner raids for GW2 If you are interested in joining, but did not make the roster, please keep an eye on #gw2-general in Discord! We might need a sub. Also we will have more sign-ups next week and the day after Contact @Pupp for any details or questions concerning raids.
  7. Pupp

    GW2 Beginner's Raid

    We will be fighting Carin, MO, and Escort. Please note that the Raid has only 10 slots for people to join. These slots have already been filled. To see if you are on the roster, please check below: If you are not on the roster, please pay close attention from 9:00pm-11:00pm EST as the raid goes on. I will be contacting the #gw2-general chat if we are in need of a sub, in which case you may join. This is a one time event. This will not occur weekly. Contact Pupp for further questions on the forums or through Discord (Pupp#1331)
  8. oh hey its been a little over a year since i've joined RoH. p wild; time flies when you're looking back on it. drink some water and stay hydrated ❤️

    1. Kingston


      I know it's amazing how quickly time flies when your having fun or unintentionally staying out of touch!   Love ya girlie:)

    2. Annamika
  9. Is strike team full? Never been.

    1. Pupp


      You'll wanna contact @Barandar about strike teams. He runs it nowadays :)

    2. Barandar


      Hey @Rain Cloud! There's always room for Strikes, so feel free to join us next time. Every Thursday at 9pm EST.  :)

  10. I draw cat girls for a living now


  11. Pupp

    GW2 Strike Missions

    Join @Darklord Acidburnfor Strike Missions! Strike Missions will be chosen by him and run an hour. please note that we only have 9 slots to give out. Just show up and you'll be included!
  12. Pupp

    GW2 Raid Training

    Come join @SilentTheGray, @Pupp, and @Darklord Acidburn for a beginner friendly raid training! There are special rules when it comes to signing up and joining, please go to these TWO posts if you are wanting to sign up for this raid or future raids!
  13. For those wanting to organize groups above T1s and T2s but don't know who to go to, fret no longer! I bring you... THE FRACTAL SPREADSHEET! Special thanks to our previous Raid Department! I used their spreadsheet character info design for this! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CAyvnxr-ovRaymGfOLXMnxkQWaIy79SXQLLdMDk8ZlI/edit?usp=sharing In this spreadsheet, you will be able to find your local guildies who have unlocked T1s and above and see what they bring to the table! Now... how do you insert yourself into this spreadsheet? I'm glad you asked! Your first task it to insert both your RoH Name along with your ANet ID. Second, enter your Fractal level. If you are completely new to Fractals, you're probably level 1. To check, go to LA and enter the large red Fractal Portal near the Aerodrome. On the top it will tell you both your Agony Resistance and Personal Fractal Level. Next, enter your character details. This includes your character name, your class/elite, and your role in Fractals. If you are not sure what your role is, then select DPS. You can enter more than one character, just make sure to select the people below you and move them down however cells you need. You can do this by selecting multiple cells with the shift key, then dragging them down one cell (or however many you need) with your left mouse button. Finally, enter your Agony Resistance and the furthest Fractal Tier you can access. You can find your AR (Agony Resistance) on your Hero Panel [H] under your Equipment tab to the right. Now you can DM your players on the forums or find them ingame to ask to Fractal with! Happy Fractaling!
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