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  1. I know @Extrovert is very into PvP. @Kaii I believe has an interest as well. You should contact @funBox the PvP Officer, I think he knows people that would love to duo with you or teach you a few things! @Remixex used to do AMAZING class specific PvP teachings. He's a busy bee anymore, but you could try reaching out to him too! That's about all I know, hopefully you find what you're looking for!

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  2. For those wanting to organize groups above T1s and T2s but don't know who to go to, fret no longer! 


    I bring you... THE FRACTAL SPREADSHEET! 

    Special thanks to our previous Raid Department! I used their spreadsheet character info design for this!


    In this spreadsheet, you will be able to find your local guildies who have unlocked T1s and above and see what they bring to the table! 


    Now... how do you insert yourself into this spreadsheet? I'm glad you asked! 


    Your first task it to insert both your RoH Name along with your ANet ID.




    Second, enter your Fractal level. If you are completely new to Fractals, you're probably level 1. To check, go to LA and enter the large red Fractal

    Portal near the Aerodrome. On the top it will tell you both your Agony Resistance and Personal Fractal Level. 

        image.thumb.png.7c87759e4012d5377f1399187865ff0f.png    image.png.381b1f3ed64d346a0e75cdae150e9ecc.png


    Next, enter your character details. This includes your character name, your class/elite, and your role in Fractals. If you are not sure what your role is, then select DPS.

    You can enter more than one character, just make sure to select the people below you and move them down however cells you need. 

    You can do this by selecting multiple cells with the shift key, then dragging them down one cell (or however many you need) with your left mouse button. 

    image.thumb.png.85ad6a3d76dbf877edb6440916e6db42.png     image.thumb.png.d3c0a74b7673bc23b48215e11d53fe2c.png


    Finally, enter your Agony Resistance and the furthest Fractal Tier you can access. You can find your AR (Agony Resistance) on your Hero Panel [H] under your Equipment tab to the right.



    Now you can DM your players on the forums or find them ingame to ask to Fractal with!

    Happy Fractaling!



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