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  1. https://gyazo.com/e9277f9c207dd64fb810711607ef6140


    had a great time traveling the rooftops with @ShogunTaira and @Pupp. doing it legit was definitely more challenging and all im saying is that i did it first try 😛 (but cheated a lot) i need more jump puzzle practicing i will be the best

  2. Just letting everyone know that my display name has been changed to Okami from Ken.7934. Don't be alarmed! I am still the same person haha 😛

  3. Hey everyone, today was my first day in HOPE as a trial member and participated in a PvE guild event which included races, puzzles, and bounties being slain. I had a great time and I still have much to improve.

    The link provided has all the participants and it was run by the amazing Princess, who has helped me out a lot!


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    2. Okami


      Ok thank you!

    3. Kingston


      Great job @Ken.7934!  You are among some great people who will be there to help you out! And have a good time.

    4. Parawar


      Welcome to your new home!

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