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  1. 36 minutes ago, Kamillus said:

    I have a lvl 45 elf guardian going by the name of Freydal. If we ever crossed paths I apologise for any wrong doing.. Especially for my lute performances near the prancing pony

    I have a 43 champion that I’m wanting to partner with someone!:D

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  2. 1 hour ago, Sionis said:

    Do we have a vanilla server of the base game up and running? I have a few friends here in RoH that would like to play online together. I'm looking over how to set my own dedicated server up, but wondered if we already had something in place? 

    +1 on that @Sionis

  3. I very recently got into magic and it's pretty much one of my favorite things to do.


    I have an op commander vampire deck and a ton of 60 card decks, everything from artifact to a murder deck. I wonder if we could play over the internet, like a skype session...

  4. So I was playing my solo game and all of a sudden, I was attacked by a neighboring empire. 


    This enemy was exceedingly stronger than my forces, nearly double (so I thought)


    My fleet was sitting around 5000 strong with just unlocking battleships. I thankfully had an ally; technically I had 2 allies, but the other just lost a war and lost over half of their planets. So my other ally was just as strong as me. At the start of the war, knowing the disparity in strength, both me and my AI ally began mass producing battleships and cruisers. We increased both fleet's strengths to just over 8000. The invading fleet was 17,000. We met for the initial fleet battle over one of my external planets, Ossellus. I thought it would be perfect bc they headed straight for my ally's fleet first and I was going to pincer them as I warped in behind the invading fleet. However, my ally's fleet was annihilated in just over a minute, while actually not causing the invaders to sustain a SINGLE F*****G casualty....... They then about faced and destroyed my fleet. I did about 3000 worth of damage. However, right as my last battleship when up in flames, another invading fleet, this time at 16,000 strength, warped in behind me. So I went to war with someone who was nearly 8 times more powerful and advanced than I was. 


    Moral of the story: I don't have a effing clue how to prepare for that and it really broke my motivation to play this, at least by myself. There was not even a remote chance once the fighting started that I could sneak out a win, even though a miracle happened and me and my ally's fleets should have caused serious damage to the enemy, tactically speaking. 



    Any advice would be appreciated.

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