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  1. u know how if ur going downhill, u gotta control ur speed or else u just keep getting faster and faster until u faceplant? im waiting for the faceplant of life and like. every time i feel like i get my feet under me, something else happens. although i havent been particularly active in any games lately i am so grateful just to have people around, chatting and carrying on, bc i really need to pretend everything is good and normal and not hyperventilating about where im gonna find 40 bucks for my overdrawn bank account... again. ive always felt listless and directionless and tbh idk how to adult. i feel like its all i can do to keep my head above water but i feel so guilty for having fallen out of the boat in the first place that i'd rather give up. idk man. i just need hugs. and my mom.

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    2. QuietlyExisting


      Hey, Helios. Life has a way of really messing with people. The good thing is that even if life throws some hard things your way there will always be people willing to rally around you. To say, even if I can’t help I can be here for you. You’ve got that here in RoH, for sure. Like everyone has said already, I’m also here if you need to talk. I’m sending my best vibes your way.

    3. Elisel


      Hi @Helios I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this.  Life is so much up and down and right now, it's mostly down.  I hate to hear you are going through this.  I'm here if you want to chat, vent, just know people care. I'm sending you a digital hug!!

    4. Pupp


      Life is sometimes really really  rough. Remember to let yourself make mistakes and have sad moments, since you are after all human. Everybody deserves and should be allowed to make mistakes in life. It happens, and its okay to fall. Just remember to get back up, and if you can't, we're always here to help pick you back up. Lots of love, we're always here to help you...

      and to give you hugs of course ❤️

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