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  1. Thanks to the map completion group for being chill and waiting up while I dealt with sound issues. Had a blast and got to use a character I'm not on super often!



  2. Hi, everyone! I wanted to make this thread to encourage anyone who is interested in running a homebrew campaign for a tabletop adventure game of their choice, and to offer an opportunity for those with experience to give advice! So, I'll start with a few bits of my own! Make a Map! If you want to run a homebrew game in a setting all your own, make a map. It doesn't have to be anything special or fancy or high in detail. Just start by sketching out some fun shapes on a piece of paper if that's all you have. Then, pick a few you like, and you can use those for continents! After that, try to imagine where mountains would be, or rivers, and then use that to fill in things like forests and plains and deserts! Once you have a world you've explored in your mind, you can start to think about who might live there! (There's a really great piece of software I use to make my maps called Wonderdraft. Plus, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that can show you how to make a cool map on whatever medium you want.) Set Your Level of Fantasy/Magic! This is an important one for you as a worldbuilder, but ask your players for their opinions, too! If you and your players want a high-magic world where anything can happen, great! The standard rules and your imagination should be plenty. But, if you have an idea or a desire to set limits on the magic of your world for one reason or another, you can use that to inform how you choose to allow the use of magic in your game. Maybe an evil sorcerer is sucking the magical energy out of the planet itself, or maybe the gods chose to punish the world's inhabitants years ago and there's none at all! Be sure to strike a balance between your vision and your players' desires, though! You can set limits, but nobody wants to be a Wizard that can't cast Fireball! Get Familiar with Existing Materials! Don't be afraid to see how other DMs do it! D&D is really hitting the scene again and gaining popularity fast. As a result, there is no shortage of content online in the form of videos or free modules for you to read through. If you can get official modules (for D&D 5e, Lost Mine of Phandelver, the Adventurer's League modules, or even Curse of Strahd for some fun horror are good places to start), read through them! (There are plenty of other fan-made ones you can find for free too at places like the DM's Guild or DriveThruRPG!) They can be great tools to inspire your adventures. You can use them in their entirety, or you can edit them to fit with your world as you see fit; it's up to you! But don't be afraid to find inspiration in other works you like! Being a DM is a lot of work, so save yourself some headache if you can! That's all for now, but I welcome you all to share your tips and experiences with running a game, or things you learned as a player that may be of use to leading a group. I'd love to hear what you think!
  3. Had a blast running fractals tonight! Glad the snake didn't get me.


    Thanks to Frag and Princess for instructing!