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  1. Introduction Post by Xorno.


    I started playing WOW in Vanilla and my first character was Xorno a NE Hunter. Xorno is also a name I used in Dagorhir LARP, back in late 90s for about 5 years or so, I may go back and do some battles with them at some point.


    I didn't transfer my hunter over since the name was already in use, but so far transferred my DK Lousipher and my Paladin Elohymn (from BE to LF). I plan to transfer several other characters over as well. I have every class over 100 and currently 8 120s. I generally heal in dungeons and battle grounds but also tank after I know the dungeon well enough, mainly timewalking lately but have done LFR tanking.


    I have two accounts, since I made the second account for my daughter when she was 5. She is still a gamer, but mainly plays PS4 in college with her dorm mates (all male gamers). In world content, I generally play both accounts at once.


    I have a second daughter in high school that has played WOW over the years, but not in the last 5 years or so. My wife hates video games, so raid commitments are not always easy to schedule.


    Other than WOW, my main hobby is music. I play sax in a jazz band, but mainly like to write and record songs.


    It was great meeting several of you last night. I really appreciate the opportunity to play with such a fantastic guild. All of my previous alliance guild mates transferred realms due to horde world PVP balance several years ago.


    I played WOW with three of my brothers, two sisters in law, and several nieces and nephews in vanilla through MOP, but they all quit during MOP. I'm sure several will return at some point.


    I'm looking forward to this new WOW adventure!






    1. Frostsprit


      Awesome intro Xorno ... should re-post it in the official Intro forums here