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    Spending time with my Family, Flying, Motorcycles, Home Theater, Camping/Hiking, Reading, and of course Star Wars :)

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    Freýr Ødinson, Freýjå-ødinsdøttír
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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Freýr Ødinson

      Freýr Ødinson

      Thank you Elisel!

  2. That dose sound like fun. I haven’t participated in one of the guild movie nights yet, but maybe we could do something similar. I would be open to any ideas though, now that my insane work schedule is slowly normalizing I want to spend more time getting to know my guild mates :)
  3. I was looking through the Interests page, and noticed a group for the original Guild Wars. I used to love that game, and wouldn't mind revisiting it. I didn't see a join tab for that page though, bummer.

  4. Freýr Ødinson

    Pub Side Story RP


    I've never participated in RP, but I am genuinely intrigued by it. I hope to be there to learn something new