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    Gaming (Tabletop, Computers, and Console), Reading (Mostly Sci Fic & Fantasy), Fictional Writting (Mostly back stories for my Characters), and trying to get back into Drawing again.

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    Aravar Ragnos, Shardek Zol'ond, Duriel Nign'osoe, Kavilion Drogo, Kel'dor Ashike, Aegon Verlaine
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  1. KelticRaven

    Karaoke time!

    Sorry but Oshun and I will not make it this week as we are still in the hospital, recovering from her back surgery. KelticRaven & DarqueOshun.
  2. Have a very happy birthday buddy!!! 🎉


    happy birthday minions GIF

    1. KelticRaven


      Thank  you Azilori!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday @Chelly,

    May you have a Spooky and Fun day and may your wishes come true!