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  1. Ok so talking on Discord @Helios is in a very active fc on Jenova on the Aether Datacenter. got told they help newbies and are very friendly and welcoming so I will go there. Hopefully this info helps others that are trying to find a home here too. :D.
  2. ahhh 72% downloaded. I wanna play but have no idea where to go waaah lol
  3. So im downloading the starter game that gets you to lvbl 50 now. If anyone wants me to sue their recruit a friend code or wants mine let me know AND From these replies. i have no idea what server to start on lol
  4. We do seem to have a lot of people playing it. It's alot of work running a guild as dedicated as our core remnant guilds but I'd totally be down to group up when playing. My casual way of gaming though means that I don't play consistently. I don't want to be a catalyst for folks trying to build a guild up etc when i can't be there 100% if that makes sense.
  5. Hey folks. I know we don't have a core guild within final fantasy14 but I'm wondering if you all have come together on one server and created a guild? I'm a huge fan of our community and would love to stay within it when and if I start playing this game. Playing solo or within a random guild would suck now I have played with our members in other games. Please let me know if we have a server or a guild available as I'm working out if I want to pay to start playing this or not. Thanks.
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    I love my jeep.
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