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  1. Thanks for the Greetings and all the info @Snicket Ill make sure to make good use of it ! also ill try and gear up to help you guys slap the next expansions content 😃 

  2. Snicket

    Skillpoint Run with K'lon


    It does still happen! I'll see about getting it added to the motm, thank you for letting me know
  3. Snicket

    Skillpoint Run with K'lon

    Grabbing as many Skyshards and Skillpoints from Public Dungeons in two hours as we can! "The real skill points are the friends we make along the way" - Vetrais
  4. Snicket

    Veteran Dungeons!

    Need to get the monster helm? purple gear? Or you want to at least get the clear? Then, for a limited time, come on down Saturdays at 4pm est and we'll go do that!
  5. Snicket


    I love the colors! I think the "pokemon cavern" is my current fav, I could definitely see that in a game (pokemon or otherwise! )
  6. Happy Birthday! 🥳

  7. Happy Birthday! 

    I hope it's one of the best!!!

    hbd GIF by happy-birthday