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    Making music, playing basketball, playing games

Star Wars: The Old Republic Character Reference

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    Azui Secura, Ras Sinestro, Allania Maia, Ryut Sinestro, Cor Wilki
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    Sith Marauder
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  1. Cory Wilkins

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    Take your time thanks for the update
  2. Cory Wilkins

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS


    I can dps
  3. Cory Wilkins

    SWTOR - Flashpoints

    I just saw the date o o f. If there's a event this Friday, October 8. I would love to be there. Im always down to learn new things.
  4. I'm back everyone sorry it took so long. A lot have happen since the COVID but everything is going well for me now. Now can be able to start playing SWTOR again. So let the force be with everyone and here I come. 😁

  5. Thank @Sweetbunny for helping me in my first ROH flashpoint. She kick butt with heals. Healing while a baby in her arms. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

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