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    PvP in all forms, baseball, football, soccer, DC Comics, MMOs, history, movies, books (sci-fi, fantasy, and non-fiction), Linux, Python, bicycling, seafood, politics.

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    Eisen Wor'sha

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  1. until
    TESTING ... I don't think this is going to work the way I want it to though
  2. That's awesome, @Dulivan! Let me reach out to you. We were thinking dinner before or after our trip to Cirque de Soliel.
  3. I love that response.  "DC, sort of." 



  4. Wow, elevating the game with a designated party / fridge room. I'll kick in on that if we get it.
  5. I'm down. I have wanted to see this show for a long time now.
  6. I was born in El Paso, TX! Still go visit family there a few times a year (pre-C19). That's an ambitious and beautiful ride @HimikoIsMagic!! Good luck! Hope you can work your way to there.
  7. https://youtu.be/6A2V9Bu80J4 Doing squats or pushups to this song. Every time she says down, squat or go down during your pushup. When she says up, come back up. It's hard. I can do the squats up until about 2:43. That's where I usually roll on my back LOL Haven't tried the pushups part yet.
  8. I'm down. I'm tired of running and my home gym. I need some diversity. Yoga is something I've definitely been interested in.
  9. I'm a WoW BGs PvP whenever I play that game.  The whole reason I get gear is to be more competitive at it. 


    BGs are a little different in this game.  I advise you playing them while you're a lowbie because the competition is not as brutal and will help you understand mechanics.  I am about to roll a lowbie just to PvP in them again.


    I might go with a warden because healing in lowbies is way more impactful than once you hit 50.

    1. aitsu_dave


      I might have to give healing a try, then. I've done a few battlegrounds or whatever, rando style through the group finder in ESO, and haven't done so well. I also haven't really looked up any strats or builds, as I was more interested in leveling and the story. I'll have to dig into PvP a bit more when I get some time.

  10. Hey, @Jenn!  I'm Eisen, a recruitment assistant for our ESO division.  Can you sign our Code of Conduct in our Rules and Regulations forum when you have an opportunity? 

  11. Hello, @UmbraJade!  I'm Eisen, a recruitment assistant for our ESO division.  Can you sign our Code of Conduct in the Rules and Regulation forum when you have an opportunity or let me know if you already did and I can't find it (I searched!).

    1. UmbraJade


      @Eisen Wor'sha I already signed it on August 19th 😄

  12. Hey @Vinson Treadway!  I'm Eisen, a recruitment assistant for our ESO division.  Don't forget to /sign our Code of Conduct in the Rules and Regulations forum.  I've already recorded your activity and we'll continue to keep track of your trial.


    Good luck!  Enjoyed reading your app.  Having your strength also be your weakness is just being human.  Your unyielding optimism is awesome.


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