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  1. Getting in shape is like rolling a boulder. The first few steps are the hardest but once you get momentum, it's easier and easier.
  2. Looking forward to this game, kinda came out of nowhere for me. Pre-order packs are pretty hefty in price tho
  3. Oops didn't get a notice of reply Well I am on Elemental, that's why I asked...have to DC change hehe
  4. How's many ya got? I dun wanna pay for transfer if no one will be around for me!
  5. Blue Lions all the way! Dmitri is boss! Catherine was my first spouse in the game too. She's such a tiger on the battlefield that I figured. Well, you know. Did Black Eagles after that and it felt better integrated into the story but MAN did I hate killing my old buddies.... Married Edelgard because she's got authority. Yowsa. Felt burned out so I have not gone back and done the last house yet
  6. Cute pup! Ah I love January, it's always so busy at the gym But getting in shape is not one-dimensional (cardio alone or weight lifting alone). Building muscle at the same time as cutting excess simple carbs will give the most results in terms of body transformation. But I'd never recommend dieting. It's a lifestyle adjustment, something that will stick forever, that will give the best long-term success. Examples of things I love to eat are steamed salmon, peanut butter on whole wheat, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, turkey chili, muscle milk (mmmmm).