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  1. We should try a read-a-long since winter is coming and people will be indoors more \o/
  2. I feel like this whenever I find myself falling down the book lists rabbit hole >.< So many books so little time What audiobook provider do you use? Audible?
  3. @RoguishZero if you find anything super good in your daily new music adventure send it my way! TY for the songs
  4. hey! Thanks for the music I'm going to put it in my queue! I don't think i've listened to disturbed before, so it'll be a change! I grew up listening to rock so definitely always open to listening to it. Not so familiar with metal other than like maybe like slipknot, iron maiden, Alice In chains. Ya'know, the usual household names you have any suggestions for other bands?
  5. hello all what's everyone's favorite music? I'm looking for music to listen to!
  6. @Sirian Vaat what's the main plot of your book? I can completely understand being in no rush to finish. Especially if you want to make sure it's right because of the complexity of the work. I'm currently working on a few different things as well. One being high fantasy and another being a sort of LitRPG web drama that I eventually want to get posted online.
  7. I've been reading some LitRPG recently. If you guys have any suggestions on good reads let me know!
  8. Currently I'm finishing up The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. It's a russian fairy-tale based book and the first of a series. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25489134-the-bear-and-the-nightingale After I'm starting the RA Salvatore Drizzt Series, I'm excited
  9. Hey Rellik! I'm Quietly it's nice to meet you I look forward to doing fun things with you!
  10. QuietlyExisting

    Social Hour!

    It's official! Recruitment is blocking out time in the schedule to do an event. The purpose? We want to do something that GW2 ( and any RoH) can get to know each other. We're super excited about the awesome games we're cooking up for you all. Find out what we'll be doing on Saturday the 23rd, 1:30 PM EST (10:30AM pacific / 12:30PM Central) here!
  11. Since I have been working on getting more involved in the forums as of late I found this (Well Triss actually mentioned it and so I figured I'd check it out). Hello everyone! Much like my name suggests, I'm a generally soft spoken individual. I'm 25 years old. I like long walks on the beach, think April 25th is clearly the best date of the year, men that can make me laugh, and... wait. This isn't eharmony! Wrong 'singles' profile. Oops! .... Sorry, bad jokes run in the family. Anyways, I'm Quietly. It's really nice to meet you all! Currently I'm the Recruitment Officer for GW2 with a wonderful staff of kick-butt assistants making my job super easy, WAY easier that it probably should be. I really do love it though and am excited about all the things we're working on. I'm a born and raise NorCal girl residing in the beautiful Tahoe area with my two year old son. I do like hiking and beaches in a very not ironic, I swear I'm not being basic - vanilla way. Music is my life, it's hard to find a time when I don't have music on in the background. To me it's almost hard to function if I can't listen to something, though what that something is varies greatly. My sisters often question my taste as my playlists will jump from classical to hard core rock to EDM and back to something soft. What can I say? Music is meant to represent all of life and I like to live it as diversely and fully as I can. I haven't been in any serious relationship since things went downhill with my son's father. It's been hard to recover from it but I mean that's a long, boring story so I won't go into it. That was back in 2017, when my son was a few months old, so it's been a pretty hot minute. Now life is just pretty busy so looking for something serious isn't really in my head. Between my two year old (you GW2 folks know he's a handful from the times he's made appearances in the voice chat when he's supposed to be sleeping) and life I'm not even sure I'd have time for it. I think I've gotten to the spot where I don't know what to say about myself anymore. I'm not usually great at introductions or... uh... speaking in general Anyways! It's super nice to meet you all (I said this already). Hopefully we can do some chill stuff together because it is nice to have other people who understand the single life to 'go with the flow' with.
  12. @witchboltsi almost forgot too! I was checking my email and I had a reminder there it was a close call I joined up the night before it started
  13. This is very, very (very) late but with the quarantine I'm free whenever for write-ins
  14. Hey all! Just dropping in to see if anyone is doing Camp NaNoWriMO this April. It's already a day in so it's a bit late but I think now is a very good time for us all to be writing. With the good, the bad, and the wtf is even happening in the world; we writers definitely need to focus on ways to relax and escape. I'm not sure about everyone else but writing has always been my way of doing that. Sooo with that. If you're doing Camp NaNo let me know. Maybe we can do some writing together. Host a RoH Write-in one of the days this month or something. If not I still definitely want to know what all of you are working on right now! Hope you're safe, ~Quietly
  15. I love Fantasy Name generator, it's super useful. I also like to use behindthename.com's random name generator whenever I'm looking for names. It lets you pick from a bunch of different options to customize what type of name you're looking for and supplies some for you. Then you get to click around on them to see their meanings & background. It's the best.
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