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  1. happy birthday!!

    1. Viera


      Thank you very much! ❤️

  2. Why do zombies make good ringtones?
    - They produce lots of sound BITES!

  3. What's a zombie's birthday wish?
    - To have a LIVELY dinner!!!

  4. Where do zombies eat dinner?
    - In the LIVING room!!!
  5. What do zombies do at a wedding?
    - Toast the bride and groom!!

  6. What's a zombie's favorite shampoo?

    - Head & Shoulders!!

  7. What did the zombie say to the villager?
    - Nice to eat you!!

  8. Why are zombies good at Minecraft?


  9. What should you do at a Halloween party if a zombie rolls their eyes at you?

    - Roll them back to them!!

  10. What's a zombie favorite bean?

    - A Human Bean!

  11. happy birthday!!

    1. Greyjeth


      I am late to this but thank you! It's been a bit hectic for me.

  12. Why did the zombie stay home from school?

    - He felt rotten!

  13. happy birthday!!!

    1. SirenRae


      Thank you so much!

  14. Where do most zombies live?
    - On dead end streets!

  15. Why did the zombie did so well on the test?
    - Because it was a no brainer!

  16. Do zombies eat candy corn with their fingers?

    - No, they eat their fingers separately.

  17. Where do zombies swim?

    - IN THE DEAD SEA!!!

  18. do you know why zombies never eat comedians?

    It's because they taste funny!


  19. happy birthday!!!

  20. chicken noodles!! wait what?

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