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  1. Welcome! Ragin Cajun. I am an older gamer, and I really do not have time to put up with childish behavior. I was in a guild where the guildmaster was a child and continues to be one. I cannot be exposed to that kind of environment. This does not seem to be a problem here. So far all the people I'v meet have been great.
  2. Just wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcomes. Although I'v played many games before im pretty new to online gaming with others, and definitely a Nube to GW2. I played GW1 for about 6 months when a friend at work gave me his hard copy of Factions. I enjoyed it but never had the time to really  build a character. I still don't have a lot of time to play but "just cant not play" So I wanted to join a group of casual players and learn some stuff. I will do my best to be involved when I can.