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  1. It's Dan

    Datacron hunt :)


    I'm going just gotta figure out what time and date it will be in Australia LOL
  2. It's Dan

    VMOPs Terror From Beyond


    i can rdps
  3. It's Dan

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault


    Take your pick if there's room Level 75 Characters: It's Dan - Gunslinger That Flavor - Mercenary (Heal) Its' Nothing - Scoundrel It's Something - Powertech (Tank) Gunnery Main - Commando It's Quiz - Sorcerer Jedisweat - Sage (Heal) Mud Blud - Assassin Steezy Wonder - Sage (DPS) Space Bars - Vanguard Juggaflop - Guardian It's Her - Sentinal Republic Conquest Badges: Imperial Conquest Badges:
  4. It's Dan

    VMOPS FUN Progression


    yes please