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  1. can join, w/e role
  2. until

    happy to tank or dps for 16
  3. until

    dont have tanking gear yet but would it be fine to join as dwt? otherwise i can come as heal
  4. can be backup for either role
  5. until

    can be backup
  6. until

    can dps/tank if 16
  7. until

    can join as backup if u need, any role
  8. until

    can tank or dps
  9. until

    can tnak or dps for 16m
  10. until

    Can tank or dps
  11. until

    can tank or dps
  12. until

    looks like u got signs, i can be backup if need, any role
  13. until

    here for 16man, can do either role
  14. until

    am not sure about my availability so will swap to maybe for now, sorry (would be dps or tank)
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