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  1. until

    DPS. It doesn't matter to me which.
  2. until

    RDPS for me.
  3. until

    DPS for me.
  4. until

    Range DPS for me.
  5. until

    I can bring DPS if you need someone.
  6. I can bring DPS for this.
  7. theangrywelder

    HK-51 Missions.

    This week we will attempt to finish off the HK-51 missions by completing the two Flashpoints. In order to pick up the remaining HK pieces you must be on the toon that has the missions in their log. Requirements - Imp side toon that has the HK-51 missions in their log.
  8. until

    I can bring either DPS.
  9. theangrywelder

    Datacron Hunt

    This week we will continue the Datacron Hunt on, Balmorra. Once again the requirements include a IMP and PUB toon with a personal starship.
  10. theangrywelder

    HK-51 Missions.

    We will continue our search for HK-51 again this week. For this we will search the galaxy for the remaining HK-51 repair parts. This event is scheduled for 1 hour and we will try to recover as many missing parts as possible within that time frame. The requirements include; having completed the opening quest on Belsavis, a toon at level 50 with a personal starship. Requirments - Completed the opening quest on Belsavis, a toon at level 50 with a personal starship. Event is scheduled for 1 hour.
  11. theangrywelder

    Datacron Hunt

    Datacron Hunt continues. For this Datacron run we are headed to Nar Shaddaa, Ilum and Makeb. Once again the requirements include having a Pub and Imp side toon with a personal starship. Requirements - Pub and Imp toon with a personal Starship.
  12. theangrywelder

    Datacron Hunt

    For the second installment of the Datacron Hunt we will finish off, Quesh, Rishi and Tatooine. Once again, the requirements include a toon with a personal starship. I am looking for a 8:00est start time but, if there are members in PVP matches that would like to join the Datacron hunt the start time can be pushed back some or I can work something out with them when they finish the PVP matches. Start time is 8:00 p.m est. and we should finish before 9:00 Requirements - Toon with a personal starship.
  13. theangrywelder

    HK-51 Missions.

    This week we will start the HK-51 mission series on IMP side (The HK-51 droid is a legacy achievement that can be unlocked on either faction after completing the missions). This series will take several weeks to run with each installment lasting about 1 hour each, give or take for the mission difficulty. Unfortunately there are several requirements to participate including; Must have a toon at level 50 and a Personal Starship. This week we will begin the HK-51 hunt by picking up the mission on Belsavis at Section X, and we will play through the story until we finish the Belsavis portion. Requirements - IMP side toon at level 50 with a personal Starship.
  14. theangrywelder

    Datacron Hunt

    Datcron hunts start this weekend. Since this is the first run for Datacrons we will start with the first 6 opening planets, three for each faction, IMP and PUB. The goal is to eventually move across the galaxy by following the planetary order of the game until we have gotten all of the Datacrons. This event will run for about 1 hour depending on how long things take for the allotted planets each week. This week will include: Hutta, Korriban, Tython, Ord Mantell, Coruscant, Drumund Kass. Requirements - Must have a character with a personal Starship in order to receive guild summons.
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