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  1. Character looks great I am a kitty too lol
  2. The cross world linkshell only works on the same data center, mateus is on the crystal data center while jenova, sargatanus are on the aether data center, so it won't work Like droghan said other's play on mateus and malbro while from what I read in this group posts mateus seemed to be the place where many played before. Although mateus can be hard sometimes to make a character on due to it being full, but visiting other server's have helped balancing the server's out. I hope you have fun with the game, it starts a little slow but it picks up a lot as you gain levels, and there are many things to do. I am sure your character looks great 4 year old's always no best
  3. I am playing it quite regularly FF14 is by far my favorite MMO and the one that I can put tons of time into and not get burnt out on. I am on the Jenova server in a great FC that reminds me of this community (still hope that ROH eventually gets a FF14 chapter ). I am in the linkshell so I can keep in touch and I can visit the sargatanus server anytime to help or play with everyone. If you guys ever need anything I can help, have plenty of lvl 80's of all classes, so feel free to ask, or if you want to run some dungeons and such just need to ask In game name is Tauriel Lockhart
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