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  1. happy birthday :)

  2. @Jaark happy birthday :)

    1. Jaark


      Thank you 😛 Very much @Tiradox

  3. You should we would love to have you play with us, many of us are on jenova on the aether data center. We have a linkshell to keep in touch with everyone and have been running some dungeons and raids together, as people level up. Either way I hope you enjoy the game, it has a lot to offer and gets better the farther you go.
  4. think they have a FC on Mateus , but not sure how active it is anymore, many of us are playing on jenova or sargatanas worlds which are both on the aether data center. The US servers are all located in CA, so it doesn't make to much of a difference, hope you enjoy the game
  5. @Felipe You don't need to be a certain level to join a guild,, it can be level 1 We have a cross world linkshell set up, if you would like a invite just throw me a tell in game, names tauriel lockhart.
  6. @Zhaydin happy birthday :)


  7. @Droghan I have used those for a long time, nice way to keep your UI clean and have access to all the commands
  8. @Kaelani I was on balmung for a long while, but after the split I didn't think it be as good for raids and hunts due to the 2 biggest server's on crystal being mainly RP server's. Square mad a mistake on that I think should have split them up.
  9. Cross world linkshells only work on the same data center, so you would have to be on aether data center to join the one we are in . I know the feeling on houses, am currently trying to get one, missed one this morning by a click /cry
  10. @Annamika You should be able to invite to the linkshell if you have a star next to your name which grey had done to everyone that joined. I have invited a bunch in the last few days but only grey can promote people.