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  1. I figured I might want to let you guys know who I will be playing on! I have 10 total characters on SF right now, and plan on transferring my two favorites from SS provided I won't have to change their name since I am rather attached after years of playing on them.


    Pubside I have:

    Meektra (Sage)

    Tordbak (Shadow)

    Cafta (Commando)

    Femti (Scoundrel)

    Teymak (Guardian)



    Impside I have:

    Imperatriks (Assassin) because somebody took Imperatrix which made me sad

    Mitth'randira (Operative)

    Shecktose (Powertech)

    Baekar (Sorcerer)

    Kormfalt (Juggernaut)


    One of the first things I want to do is become a legendary player on SF and get all the datacrons! So I will be on my sage and sorc the most! Because I can't do datacrons without phase walk!!