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  1. Knowing me I probably won't wait. lol I don't have that much discipline. The launch party sounds fun, I might join in. The skin on yours is really cute. I was looking at different skins before on Etsy. But I couldn't settle on just one that I wanted. See the thing that happened to me was I bought just the original switch in January and I swear like 2 weeks later they announced the AC Switch. Just my luck! The AC one is SOOO CUTE!
  2. Did anyone pre-order the Switch? I want it so bad!! My husband plans on getting it for me but we can't find it available anywhere. And we missed the pre-order. I did buy the Animal Crossing case and got it in the mail on Friday. And I have pre-ordered the game. But I might wait until I get the Animal Crossing Switch to play it(we have a family Switch as well). Did anyone pre-order the extras like what Target had?
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